5 Reasons Why Growing is Better than Shrinking You


The Giantess fetish starts out pretty basic. Big woman, tiny man. But no woman wants to be called “big” without it being more specific and in the Giantess fetish big means VERY big! Once that is established though, a choice has to be made by the fetishist. Either the Mistress grows or the man shrinks.

How it happens varies from person to person, everyone has a special something they love. How big and how small are also completely up to the individual, these are all details of the fetish that are very important. But the place where the Giantess lovers separate is the initial choice. Being shrunken or watching her grow…How to choose?

As a Giantess I can tell you that both are fun, but growing…Well that holds a special place in my heart. Why? I’ll give you five reasons why Growing is better than Shrinking You!


1) There are LOTS of you!


I don’t have to choose and I’ll admit it, I am a little bit of a brat and while shrinking a little man down is fun, it doesn’t compare to growing and having EVERYONE smaller than I am. Who wouldn’t choose that instead? I then have my choice of tiny men. If I don’t like one, no big deal, I just move on to another. If they disappointment me, well there are many many more! This is wonderful!

Yes, I could have this by shrinking individual men, but that seems like more work and anything that makes it harder for me, even a tiny (pun intended) bit, is not the best choice!


2) I Like To Show Off


Here’s the thing, if I shrink just you, I have to hide you. I have to keep you in my pocket or purse or in an aquarium at home. I can’t parade you out in public and show everyone how amazing I am, because I’m still subject to silly rules about not doing things to other people. I could get arrested or worse, have to tell my secrets. That means I can’t tell anyone how incredibly amazing I am.

I like people to know I’m awesome! So growing insures that happens. There’s no pretending or hiding. I have lots of attention, both police and military are in awe of me and everyone is looking at me. Being super hot, I’m totally used to this but having the attention of everyone who is amazed at how brilliant I am, that’s even better. Credit where credit is due.



3) I am the ONLY Giantess when Shrinking You


When I shrink you, you are the special one. You are the one who is tiny and gets all the attention because your world has changed. There are lots of other women who are about my size, so I’m not special at all. I’m just a girl who has a tiny man pet. You could escape and end up the man pet of another woman who would seem like a Giantess to you then too.

I don’t want to be interchangeable. It’s much more fun if YOU are interchangeable. So, if I grow, this makes me the special one. I’m the only one who is a Giantess, yet there are lots of other tiny people. I can decide that Hawaii is my own private island and step across it, leaving Giant footprints and making the residents my own personal Goddess worshipers.


4) I get to Destroy Things


Growing into an amazing Giantess makes it so I can destroy things without even trying to. Walking through the town, crushes houses and cars, knocks things over, ruins crops and splits trees. I don’t even have to go out of my way to smash things. It’s just a basic fact of my size. Not to mention the un-natural disasters I can cause like tidal waves and hurricanes.

If I shrink you, I have to build a town to destroy or use doll furniture. Not as much fun at all.


5) Pole Dancing with Skyscrapers.


That’s right, I said pole dancing. Imagine how much fun you can have as a Giantess. Not just because I get to destroy things. Though, as I mentioned, that is tons of fun, but also because I can try all kinds of fun and exciting new things. Things that no one else can even fathom.

If I want to see how long it takes me to walk across a state, I can do that and not worry about rivers or mountains, I just smash the buildings in my way and everyone is so tiny and there are so many of you that I don’t have to be extra careful not to injure you.

There’s also that pole dancing I mentioned. Can you imagine me in a city, picking up a train and draping it around my shoulders, making it my boa and doing a sexy little shimmy? All those tiny faces pressed against the windows watching. I’d walk up and wrap my leg around one of those tall phallic shaped buildings and twist and twirl my way around it.

Sure it would break off eventually and probably destroy lots of tiny people and other buildings, but so what. Like I said there are lots of you and that’s why being a Giantess and growing is better than shrinking you. It becomes all about me, for everyone.