7 More Reasons Why a Growing Giantess is Better than Shrinking You


I am a growing giantess and you have a touch of the giantess fever do you? It happens to everyone. Powerful women are sexy women, that’s a fact that is hard to ignore. And who is more powerful than a woman that is ten times (or more) your size?

At some point you’ll make the first entertaining decision on your fantastic voyage: to find a woman who can shrink thinks to shrimpy sizes, or to find a woman who can herself grow large, towering over trees and buildings, looking down on hills and across landscapes as far as her giant eye can see. My own personal preference is for a woman who GROWS. There is something magical, something amazing about being there when it happens.


A Growing Giantess: The Ultimate Power Trip


Growing is for mistresses who enjoy letting absolute power corrupt them absolutely. Quite often they are good girls who enjoy the feeling of being bad – or better yet, bad girls who enjoy the feeling of being truly evil.

For the growth gal, GROWING is like celebrating a month of Christmases. Once she realizes what is happening, her eyes light up and her face brightens with excitement.

She laughs and loves the sound of her own voice echoing over the rooftops. She delights in putting a foot down and feeling pavement crack and buildings tremble. Power is a drug, and growth is the ultimate expression of power.


So Many Tiny Men, So Many Sex Toys!


For some giantess fantasies, growth can be a metaphor for lust. I personally love a story where sex and growing go hand in hand – the bigger a woman grows, the wetter she gets and the more intense her desire and need for a powerful fuck. But who can possibly satisfy HER?

In desperation, EVERYTHING becomes a pleasure toy. People become wriggling human dildos. Buses? Long and hard, they’ll also do if she doesn’t crush them in her colossal pussy. Corners of buildings?

Perfect place for a dry hump while admiring her new gigantic form reflected in the windows. Airplanes? Yes: little flying dildos with a captive audience inside. Trees? Yes, like French ticklers that smell of nature. Even skyscrapers themselves can catch the most titanic Goddesses lustful eye if she’s big enough and they are shaped just right.


Respected and Worshipped by All


It’s not long before a towering woman will see herself as a Goddess, like Athena or Aphrodite come to life. Goddesses need one thing above all: tiny worshippers to feed her colossal ego. They want to be admired and adored. They may want their feet pampered, or their legs and bodies oiled by hundreds of tiny hands.

Growing is DEFINITELY for the ego-driven mistress: all that love, adoration, obeying, and respecting by tiny admirers, not to mention the envy of women everywhere. As a female friend of mine once succinctly put it after watching the black and white classic Attack of the 50 Foot Woman: “men have never seen breasts that large before.”


Perfection x1000


Some mistresses are perfect exactly the way they are – and if that fact isn’t obvious, they’ll remind you, sometimes rather strictly. But still, who wouldn’t want to see perfection on an even grander scale? Such it is with the growing Goddess. She may have seen herself as perfect before, but when she starts to grow taller and taller, she’ll really get a chance to see just how perfect she is NOW.

I once had a mistress friend who was interviewed and asked if she preferred shrinking or growing. She said she liked growing. She had this to say about herself as a towering giantess: “Can you imagine my perfect breasts even MORE perfect?”


Fun with Crowds


One more thing that Giant Mistresses have that’s an advantage over the shrink mistresses: they get to have fun with crowds. Sure, a really good shrink mistress might be able to shrink a couple dozen people, but GIANT mistresses get to terrorize entire neighborhoods, towns, villages, islands, and cities! In fact, there is nearly an infinite supply of worshipping tinies to satisfy their whims.

These mistresses like the feeling of walking down the street, not caring where they step, and watching crowds of tinies flee in terror as Her shadow creeps over them. So many games that can be played: blocking their paths with a giant boot to see where they run next, picking up amusement park Ferris wheels and rolling them down streets to watch the crowds stunned reaction, bouncing handfuls of tinies of Her giant body to see where they land. In fact, “Games Giantesses Play” could easily make a giantess essay all on its own.



Giantess Playing God


When a mistress towers over a small (or large) chunk of civilization, She begins to feel a bit like a superior being with superior powers. I mean who could possibly injure her? Not any of the insects scurrying at her feet.

Not even the little armies and little tanks the roll like fragile toys in the distance, nor the little jet planes that buzz like mosquitos. At that point, an invulnerable towering Goddess probably realizes she can do ANYTHING without any worry of recourse.

So what’s a towering, invulnerable, all-powerful superior woman supposed to do for fun? Experiment, of course. And what’s more fun than experimenting with tiny people’s lives?

Holding crowds of them in her hand and deciding, well, just who lives and who dies, and how? Closing her hand slowly around two groups of helpless souls, laughing and laughing, unsure herself what She may do next.


Growing Giantess: Absolutely Famous


GROWING is definitely for the fame seeking Giantess. While the shrink mistresses toil and stomp in obscurity, the Growth gals get to strut their stuff in public. What talk show wouldn’t want time with Her? What reporter could resist being the first to interview?

Film crews, cameras, YouTube, TV, internet – of a planet with nearly 7 billion people, no short of 6 billion would know her name within a week. Every move she makes, every breath she takes, the world will be watching Her. She’d be the envy of many a woman who desired such power, control and greatness.

There you have it: 7 more reasons why GROWTH is better than shrinking. Truly, what mistresses craving power couldn’t resist the ultimate expression of potency, fame, fortune, and control? When you find Her, you’re lucky if She grants you the privilege of being one of the little people who helped Her achieve this dream, and She may even have a tiny reward for you…


Give a Growing Giantess a call, today!