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Welcome to Giantess Island

Oh, hello there, tiny man. Whatever are you doing here?

Come here, my darling. Oh, you are soooo tiny, you are bound to get crushed, you poor thing. Let me take a closer look at you...

You are so diminutive, so petite. Aren't you just precious? You feel my giant finger at your waist, mauling your clothing and ripping them away as if there were tissue paper. In the blink of a second, I had you stripped bare before me, resting in my hand, bringing you close to my face.

"I can feel you trembling in my hands, tiny man. Why, you are only 8 inches tall! This is absolutely amazing!" I exclaim, as I poke and prod you, turning you over and manipulating your tiny arms and your tiny legs. But once my gaze rests on that tiny cock, a naughty little grin lights up my face.

"Oh, little man, look at that adorable little cock you have" I say as my finger and thumb begin stroking it, feeling its length and girth. "Oh, you like that, don't you, tiny man. I can see just how much you like that. Look, your cock is getting so hard" I note, as my finger bring a dollop of your precum to my lips. "Mmmm, you taste just like a real man". I feel that familiar moisture soak my panties again as I taste that musky manly scent. I hold you up and fist you in my hand, taking in the length of you, the thickness of your body, and a very naughty idea pops into my head....

Giantess Fetish

The Giantess fetish is massively engaging and fun to play around with. The concept of being so weak, so ineffectual, so vulnerable before a women who could snap you like a twig has captured many a man- you aren't alone, tiny man. The power dynamics of giantess play remain consistent with the power dynamics in kinky play altogether. Its about power, and who has it... and

Giantess Power Dynamics

The appeal here for me should be self evident- I hold all that yummy power, all advantage. You, my tiny little friend, will do exactly as I say. I mean not out of fear... well, maybe out of fear, lol. But even if you think you are going to be a brave tiny man, well, it's easy enough to make you do what I want, right? I can just take my giant fingers and pick up your teeny tiny body and, quite literally, hold you in the palm of my hand. Awww, are you scared? Well, you don't need to be. You'll be a good tiny boy for me, won't you? If you are good and sweet, with a pleasant disposition, well, think you will love being owned by me. I will keep you safe, and play with that tiny cock you have, let you spill your tiny seed in my big hand. I will play with my tiny man and make him my tiny pet.

Giantess Sessions

We can begin your training as soon as you pick up that tiny hand and give me a ring. Giantess sessions can be conducted via dispatched call, texting sessions, skype calls and even one way video calls. I look forward to meeting my new tiny pet. If you are a good boy, I may even tell you want I did with my 8" tiny man. 😉



A Tiny Man Whipped Cream Treat

by Giantess Audrey of


My lips are scented with a juicy fruity glossy scent and my laugh almost knocks you over–it comes so quickly and my breath is warm and knocks you back. Oh you are a petite little thing, aren’t you? I’ll be more careful about laughing in your face, tiny man.

And I giggle, the vibration of the giggle makes you bounce up and down on my hand. You feel me walk into a cooler environment. I nod to the doorman who glances at you, but obviously you are not the first little man that I’ve brought home. We take the elevator up and you can feel your panic rising with each floor.

Oooh tiny man, you are just too cute! I smile down at you, but you get the sense that it’s not a sweet or friendly smile. You start thinking of ways to escape. Maybe you can scamper off someplace in my house and hide in a dark corner. You’ve heard about a little man who escaped and lived under a giantesses refrigerator but he was scared of the cat who would eye him all night long.


Don’t be Scared, Little Man


Ok we’re here – that wasn’t so bad was it? I unlock the front door and we enter into my pretty home. The carpet is thick and white and the couches are plush. I have a view of the whole city.

I put you down on the white counter in my white kitchen. You stand out like a sore thumb (only much smaller than a thumb) and realize that escape is futile. You look at me in my black tight dress, hot pink glossy lips and realize that it could be worse. At least that’s what you tell yourself as I flip my hair and open the refrigerator. You catch yourself staring a little too long as I bend over looking in the fridge, my black dress clinging to my body.

I turn around with something in my hand and a look on my face that makes you quiver in fear.

Don’t be scared tiny man.


A Little Man Whipped Cream Treat


Before you can say anything I take the cap off the can I’m holding and with a deafening sound I cover you head to toe in whipped cream.

Suddenly your world is muffled. All you can see is white. You fight to wipe it off your face but your arms are so thick in whip cream that you can’t feel anything. You don’t even know what I’m doing or that I’m lifting you up–you feel my fingers touching the sides of your body but that’s all you know.

You attempt to yelp and almost fall over, but you’re held in place by the white fluffy stuff as it completely consumes you. Then you feel something rough coming through the whipped cream. Your first thought is that I’m sending you through some sort of tiny man car wash or worse. But then you soon realize that it’s my pink tongue…licking all the cream off your body.


LICK, LICK, LICK. MMMMMMMMMMM! Oh you taste good little man!


My rough tongue brushes hard over your face and goes down and licks all the cream off you feet, your shins, your knees, up toward your hard little dick. What’s this!?

My tongue stops right below your hard on and then licks over it again and again. You start shaking in the whipped cream.

Mmmm! I lick over your arms and face, down the back of your head and neck, over your backside and then up again your front side.

You want to yelp but my tongue is brushing over your face. You bite your lower lip as you try to hold as still as possible and your body lurches with each lick as my tongue pounds against you. My moist warm breath washes over you with each lick.

I tell you to take all your clothes off–NOW tiny man!

Your hands are shaking but I’ve set you on my palm and you drop your pants and rip off your shirt.

Haha! I laugh and before you can say No or Stop! I cover you again with more whipped cream from head to toe. This time it’s extra thick.

It takes me 5 or so licks to even get enough off you so you can breathe. You let out a sigh of relief. And then you feel my tongue pressing against your body. You see my full hot pink lips open. My wet tongue is coming for you!

The tip of my tongue teases you lightly. The teasing is almost unbearable! You are scared to death and yet so turned on!

I can feel you quivering. I can lick you all day long tiny man!

Helplessly you resign yourself to Giantess Audrey having her way with you.


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