A Gentle Giantess And Her tiny man


By Gentle Giantess Alina


Hello There Giantess Play Lovers !

Let’s discuss yet another layer to this super fun kink play – The Gentle Giantess and her tiny man!  Now, I know that some of my clients who LOVE giantess play, are sometimes extremely picky about the TYPE of Giantess they wish for me to be, not only my Giantess Size and their smaller or shrinking stature.

I don’t blame them! Giantess Play with a tiny man takes great courage and trust ! You don’t want to be harmed or squished or hurt in any way by your Giantess Goddess! So Let’s dive into one of my favorites – Gentle Giantess And Her Tiny Man.


Gentle Giantess And Her tiny man ~ Introduction 


How you’ve met your would be Giantess Goddess is always important, There has to be a back story that makes sense to you in order to manifest the fantasy of your dreams, and that include how you’ve come to love being a tiny man to a Magnificent Giantess Goddess, and how you wish to be in her possession and care.

After the back story is set up, the process of interaction with your Giantess Goddess depends on many variables, each of my client has a scanario (or multiple scenarios) specific to him (or her! YES I have female clients who serve me as their Giantess Goddess as well!) So currently, let’s focus on a GENTLE GIANTESS type interaction, where you feel actually protected, love, nurtured and pampered by your Giantess.  


The Gentle Giantess Offers a Safe place From The Real World


There is nothing better than to nestle in the comforting groves of your Gentle Loving Giantess.  She has all this power and immense advantage of total antihalation, yet, YOUR Gentle Giantess Goddess has chosen to treat you like a beloved little treasure and offer you many enticing options including worshiping her ENTIRE body, (which will take FOREVER since you are so very tiny!)

Your Giantess Goddess may have a few favorite nooks and hiding places to nestle you into, like her cleavage, or even inside her enormous, wet and warm vagina. You can use your whole tiny body to massage every inch of her giant throbbing womanhood and feel the shaking of her whole giant body in times of climax – it will totally feel like an earthquake to you, tiny man !!! 



Gentle Giantess And Her tiny man Go Out Together 


So not only will you be able to please your Gentle Giantess Goddess in the privacy of her Giant Abode, since you are so minuscule in size, she may very well take you out to accompany her in the real world.

You will be safely tucked into her cleavage, or in a pocket, or even her purse, and enjoy being a part of her every adventure. Your Giantess can take you on shopping trips, when she purchases shoes, and sexy enticing lingerie, where you can come out of your safety nook and offer your input, even give her some hot pleasure messaging her tired feet, if she so chooses, so that your shopping trip can continue.


She May be Gentle but She May Cuckold You! 


Now, as much as your Gentle Giantess cares for you, she may need, from time to time, a real giant cock for herself. 

You may be her tiny cuckold, watching or participating in some hot Giant Sex, where you can use your whole body to massage her Giant Lover’s HUGE cock and even get into a special place so you can massage her Giant Clit whilst her Giant Lover pumps her soaking wet pussy, and don’t worry! Those Two Gentle Giants will take good care not to harm you in the process!

So if you find yourself in need of a Gentle Giantess, that can pamper and nurture you, involve you in her Giant and Sensual world of colossal size adventures, please feel free to explore all your options here with the Mistresses of Giantess Island!