Giantess Invasion

A Fantasy By Mistress Alina 


Well well well, a village of tiny men lays before me, The One and Only Giantess Goddess Alina Sky! Let the Giantess Invasion commance!

All these men will run around defenseless as I approach, making the earth itself shake with every step I take, planning my fun and amusument using all you little puny men for all my kinky perverted Giantess needs!


Giantess Invasion and You


The prospect of Giantess Invasion is very exciting for many reasons, First and foremost it is because a group of Glorious Giantess Goddesses descending upon your world will basically end your existance as you know it. You will be completely powerless to stop them and so you are eager to be their pet! The very vision of all these Amazong Like, Larger than Life invaders fills your heart with glee, even a bit of fear and nervousnes!

What will become of your town? The Giantess Goddess decided to pick some pets, and capture them for her amusment. She may demand volunteers so she may spare the others! Very well! You Volunteer As Tribute!


Giantess Goddess Owns It All 


The Very Image Of a Giantess Goddess lounging in all of her magnificance in a park or near a lake where your town happens to be, will be most overwhelming indeed. Picture a small costal town, quaintly populated with lovely local stores, that holds summer events and a farmer’s market, a town with it’s own favorite bars and restaurants, where everyone is well familiar with one another, and all live in peaceful bliss.

Then, out of nowhere, a Giantess Goddess tramples on, crushes all in her path. This enormous colossal Giant Mazon, with her huge feet, breasts legs, and round full gigantic derrière, will be towering above this town, and you and everyone you know, will stare up in amazement, disbelief, fear and shock. But not YOU. For you it’s a dream come true.

You long to climb those enourmous thighs, crawel into her every secret crevice, worship every inch, even if, with a Giantess Goddess, it very well may take an entire lifetime.



Giantess Invasion Is Just The Beginning 


Giantess InvasionYou dream of One Giantess Goddess invading your world, or it may be quite a few of them taking their giantic residence in your town or city. Be that as it may, you KNOW you will be ready to appease these new forces of nature in every way you can. As their pet, or even be offered to be crushed under their enormous feet, right in the town square for all to see. There is no limit to your devotion and passion in worshipping an invading Giantess Goddess.

We welcome your devotion as we prepare to invade YOUR life, here on Giantess Island, we can cross the sea with ease on Giant Viking Warships and take your world by storm. So ready or not, HERE WE COME!