A Giantess Story Caught On Film


I’m about to share with you a real giantess story that was caught on film!

“Less talking, more walking,” she said. “It’s got to be around here somewhere.” It’s no secret I didn’t like our newest reporter. Blonde, big-boobed, blue-eyed, she was a clone of every other famous gal wannabe graduating reporter school these days.

When she first arrived to the station she treated us pee-jays (photojournalists) like we were her own personal slaves. Sure, I went out of my way to remind her she was nothing but a little fish in a big pond. Somebody had to cut that ego down to size now and then. “How do you know ANYTHING is out here?”

I shouted, huffing, carrying two tons of camera equipment, carefully stepping around a dangerous rocky outcropping. “A tip,” she said in an annoyed tone. “Hiker left a voicemail. Said they spotted a grasshopper out here the size of a bear.”


Getting the Giantess Story


“Shouldn’t we let somebody who…you know knows what they’re doing… and maybe have guns… deal with this?” I told her, nervous and wishing I was home. “Pussy,” she hissed. She paused then, dead in her tracks, looking at something over a ridge.

“Wait, what’s that over there?” It took me a minute to climb up to where she was. I wiped sweat from my eyes with the back of my hand. “Looks like a field. Congratulations.” She ignored me, saying “But look at that grass over there.

That’s got to be what… ten, twelve feet high?” She turned to me, pulled a wireless microphone from her suit jacket pocket and clipped it to her lapel. She adjusted her dark, tight skirt then pushed her breasts up a bit higher so they peaked slightly from her blouse.

“Get your shit ready. While we’re walking, I want you to film me approaching the grass, you know a slow walk-and-talk, then come around and reveal the background…”

“Hell no,” I said. “I’m not going anywhere near that. Bear-sized grasshoppers? Fuck that.” So what if I’m being less than manly. “Pussy,” she hissed again. “Well, get a telephoto lens and try to keep me in focus. Oh and don’t zoom in so much on my ass THIS time.”

She started to walk, disappearing down the ridge towards the other side where the weird plant outcropping stood. I slowly began to set up the tripod. “Made a great youtube video,” I said under my breath. I screwed the camera base into the mount and found her through the camera’s monitor. I waited awhile before I put the headset on. “It’s amazing,” she said. Her voice crackled in my ear.

“These blades of grass are taller than corn stalks…and broad and flat…not like anything I’ve seen before.” I zoomed in momentarily on her pert, round butt wriggling under her skirt, then back to her blonde hair in the breeze as she looked back. “…and these dandelions… easily grow taller than the grass,” she continued.

I listened to her drone on some more about the plants. I yawned and regretted not having a cold drink or a chair. Then there was silence. I waited a bit. “Hey brains,” I said into my mike. “You turned off the transmitter.”



A Giantess Story: The Giantess Emerges


“No,” she said quietly, her voice crackling in my ear. “Can’t you see this? Right here?” I gave the camera a minute adjustment and zoomed it in closer. “Not really,” I said. “Grass in the way.” Thank goodness I was recording this and it wasn’t live,”The fuck,” she said. That would have been one major FCC fine. “Looks like… I wonder if it came from the sky? Like a rock. It’s glowing.”

“Probably hot. Or radioactive. I wouldn’t touch it if I were you.” Honestly I didn’t care if she did or not. I saw her kneel down through the camera lens. “It’s warm, but it’s not hot.” she told me. “Radioactive,” I reminded her. “You’re touching it, aren’t you?” I waited.

I could hear her breath in the headset quickening. She called out, but I couldn’t make it out. “Ooohh,” she said, really drawing it out. “Oh God it feels…wonderful…” she practically moaned. “You know, you got a great career in porn if you ever decide to give up…”

I paused, as I didn’t believe for a moment what the camera image was showing me. I had to adjust the zoom back a bit, and change the pitch of the camera slightly. “OK, say something to the nice people at home, what’s going on?”

“…feels…wonderful…” she repeated. “I think…I mean…look at me…I’m growing,” she paused. “I touched…whatever it was…and the light got brighter…are you getting this? I’m GROWING!” I zoomed the image back a bit more, lost focus, started to adjust it quickly.

She laughed in my ear. “It’s…it’s like a dream…all I have to do is touch this, and I get…bigger…” I quickly snapped the phone out of my pocket and glanced at the screen. “We should call somebody…” No service this far out here. Shit. “You have no idea what it’s like,” she said into the microphone. “I just keep getting taller and taller…”

She laughed again. “I can pick up whatever it is now, it was a boulder before, now it’s a rock…” I saw her in the lens. The camera was focused on her knees peeking out of the tight skirt. I angled it up higher and higher, as if shooting her from the bottom of a hill. “I can see you down there!” she called out. Her foot took a step my way. Then another. And a third. I felt the ground tremble.


Getting Even


I looked out from the camera and then upwards. There she was, emerging from the oversized grass. Her long strides covered several yards at once. She held something in her hand, an immense smile on her face. “This…this is going to change everything,” she said dreamily.

She looked down at me from above. She had to be several times my height now, and still slowly heading upwards. Everything seemed to grow with her. Her skirt, her blouse, the jacket and little lapel microphone. She took another step forward. “Are you…afraid of me?” I wasn’t afraid. Of course not! “You should be afraid of yourself!”

I called up. “No,” she said. “People…you…have made me feel…dumb…unimportant all my life. Treated me like a little girl. You always talk down to me. That’s all going to change now. People are going to notice. Nobody is going to make me feel small ever…EVER again.” I swallowed. Hard.

“You…you humiliated me on camera more than once…you talk behind my back…you make fun of me…I know you’re just jealous…” Her hand began to reach downwards, fingers spread, growing closer and closer. “Want to know what it feels like to be humiliated, on camera…in front of the world?” I got the horrible feeling I was about to find out.


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