A Giantess Story by Giantess Gretchen


This is a giantess story about a bad day to be a tiny man on Giantess Island. Giantess Gretchen had imbibed too much fermented pineapple coconut smoothie at the volcano BBQ the night before and she was still groggy. The sun was too bright and she staggered around on her huge unsteady feet, knocking over trees as she lurched through the jungle toward the beach.

Enormous breasts bouncing, she finally stumbled onto the sand and collapsed, making the ground shake all around her. Cool water shimmered in the cove, fins patrolled the beach out beyond the protective coral reef. Cool water, washing in and out in soothing repetitive waves, soothing her aching…


Giantess Story: Giantess Discovers Tiny Man


“EEEEEE!” a piercing high pitched voice drilled through her throbbing skull. Bleary eyed, she shaded her face with a hand and scanned the beach for the source of that sound. That incredibly irritating sound. Barely, she could make out a tiny creature scuttling in the sand. Was is a crab? A lobster? Tonydshrimp? WORSE! It was a man. A pathetic whining titty baby of a man, on her beach, when she had a hangover.

“SHUT UP, YOU!” Gretchen bellowed and the birds stopped squawking. The insects stopped buzzing. The waves even stopped crashing for a long considerate minute. But the mancreature continued went right on blabbing in his high pitched screech.

“Oh, man, where am I? How did I get here? Those are some mighty big sharks out there! Who is that big bitch? And ARGGGHHHHH!” He screamed that last bit as Gretchen leaned way down and picked him up, dangling him like a participle in front of her face.

“I said, shut up, you pipsqueak!” she shook him and his arms and legs flailed like a rag dog in a dog’s mouth. “I have a hangover and you are NOT helping!”

The pipsqueak, being a typical man, had been distracted from his terror by the sight of the mammary Grand Canyon beneath him. Gretchen’s massive breasts quivering so close, so creamy and plump, with cleavage as mysterious as the Marianas Trench, made his minuscule cock ache. He couldn’t look away, and when she realized it, it made her madder than ever. Little men were such a nuisance! So she dropped him into her cleavage. I know, cliche for a Giantess Story, but fun, nonetheless!


Giantess Drops Tiny Man into Her Cleavage


At first, he was delighted. Soft yielding woman flesh all over his wee naked body, surrounding him like the most amazing of all fantasies. He arched his back and rubbed his itty bitty penis against one of the breast-walls encasing him and it actually make him spew a teeny come droplet. But then he was still in there, sinking and there was no way out.

Her soft breasts were closing over his head as he sank in deeper, they were pressing in on him, smothering him and he cried out! Doomed to smother in giant wonderful deadly breasts! It was so scary and so arousing, so incredible and so humiliating, he was passing out, he was blacking out.. He was…


Tiny Man Irritates Giant Woman


Giantess Gretchen felt something stabbing her in her tits and pulled out that insignificant manling she’d dropped down there sometime earlier. Carelessly, she tossed him aside, not caring where he landed, and stripped out of her pink sequined bikini. It was time for a swim in that nice cool water.

This headache was killing her. She splashed around in the cove, looking to see if any stray cruise ships had wandered close enough to be brought back to Kendal for her bath toy collection, but not today.

In the meantime, the trivial little dustmite of a man had recovered from his suffocating experience and managed to crawl out of the bushes and found a sparkling tent to cover himself from the sun. Exhausted, he fell asleep.

Giantess Gretchen waded out of the water in a much better mood. She’d cooled off, her headache was gone, and she’d even wrestled one of the smaller sharks that slipped past the barrier reef. A nap in the sun on all that soft white sand sounded good, so she plopped down near her bikini and went to sleep.

“What?” Shadow looming over him and sudden weight and OOMFFF, he was squashed! Frantically the wee little pricklet scrambled for some kind of airpocket, some way out..and then he was trapped again. Between two silken flesh walls again, but these were muscular. Firm. Taut. Not her thighs…not her breasts….one tiny foot found a large tight puckered opened and he knew.

He was trapped between this giant blonde’s tremendous butt cheeks! Everytime she moved, he was mashed a different way, her asscheeks constricted him and threatened to pulverize him with almost every breath. There was this deep feminine scent that aroused him in spite of himself, he fantasized about diving headfirst into her snug asshole, an itty bitty human dildo.

But then the crushing would convince him her prodigious buttocks were about to grind him into pulp. His insignificant erections came and went, until a stray hand came out, scratching between her cheeks, pulling him out and flicking him back towards the ocean.

Wearily, he looked back toward shore…and then began to swim. The sharks were less imtimidating than the Giantesses of Giantess Island.