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{bends over and peers down at you}
{huge fingers come toward you at alarming speed}

Awww, little man, hello. {snicker}

Giantess Olivia will play with you like a cat plays with a cat toy. Make no mistake this 'pussy' WILL tease and torment you. Perhaps, just like that frisky feline, I will even maul you .... Perhaps it will be ... un-intentional. {snicker}

And, you ... ohhh, dear little poor are powerless to resist Me. Well, of course there are many reasons why you aren't able to resist. The most physically obvious is that have the Superior Position here. You know that I Observe you from My Vantage point. I see your startled expression. I see you trying to run ... trying to hide .... Trying to flee My playful and sometimes not so playful feet.

Are you scared of My skyscraper heels? Will you polish the leather of My boots with your tiny hands? Will you try to worship Me? .... Tiny kisses to make Me giggle. This is Fun for Me, but it might be dangerous for you if I laugh you right off My slippery body. Still, did you really think you could hang on when I began to slather My body with massage oil.

You fought the good fight. But, tiny man .... Now you are all coated with oil .... Oh! What should I do with you now? Oil could mean a variety of uses. I could drop you into more oil - hot and boiling oil - and you become My crunchy, tasty snack. Or....the oil could be a nice slippery lube and suddenly you'll find warm wet darkness. Can you breathe? Will I let you out in time? I can hear your tiny whisper, "In time for what?" {snicker} You'll find out when you call 877-496-0255.

Did you know I do a podcast with Ms Erika? It's called The Weekly Hot Spot podcast and has something for everyone! Check it out! Here's the link on Spreaker: The Weekly Hotspot.




Giantess Phone Sex: Come Here Little One


Want to delve into giantess phone sex with us? Phone sex grants you access to your most unconventional ideas, fetishes and femdom fantasies. Imagine a world where you can be any size. More miniscule than a grain of sand, tinier than even the smallest insect.

Where your perfect woman can be the size of an amazon or she can tower higher than the skyscrapers of an entire city! Your ideas for being shrunken down by a potion added to your cocktail, a raygun held by a powerful seductress, generations of tiny men discovering villages of giants or by landing on an island filled with women of gigantuan size can all come true over the phone. Only your thoughts can limit you when you match with one of the Giantesses here.


Giantess Phone Sex: Overwhelmed by a Giantess


Your femdom fantasies culminate in your adoration and servitude to your Giantess. The allure of a giantess overwhelms you; the attraction to her sheer power, her size, her control. Will you become her pet or her slave? There is a difference after all. Is your giantess a mean or a gentle woman of superhuman size and strength?

Do you need sensual guidance or someone more forceful? When you’re a small little bug it’s easy to imagine her large feet chasing you or searching for you isn’t it little one? Knowing that hiding is of no use; you’ll be sniffed out and discovered in no time. Perhaps it’s better to give in to the roleplay, to reveal yourself so that you can be lifted in her enormous hand and held in the loving bosom of your new owner.


Why Do You Want To Feel Small?


You’re used to being large and in charge; aren’t you? Then why is it so powerful to have her standing over you? A woman of exceptional power and stature? Why do you cower in her presence? The Giantess that controls your every move, your every breath, your very existence?

You need to let go. You must discover the joy and pleasure in complete control. A man isn’t measured in merely inches but by his level of devotion; his depth of submission. Don’t you feel smaller when you drop to your knees in servitude?

When you’re cupped in the cleavage of her brassiere? Tucked away in the ring box in her night stand? Most of the men that find their way here are seeking a way to escape their every day life; to find refuge here in our world of Giantesses.


Turned On or Scared By Her?


With only one movement; she can change your entire life. You will never know what her secret thoughts and desires are; does she want to keep you around or does she want to pulverize you under her heel? How does it feel to know she has that power? Does it turn you on or scare you? Do you fear her or want her?

Isn’t it confusing to feel all of those things at once? Sometimes a sexual urge will overcome you; you fantasize about giant tiny sex don’t you? It’s ok little one; we can explore the sensual sides of your fetish as well as the unusual and individualistic facets. Here; we have a unique perspective when it comes to your very unconventional needs.

We understand that this specific kink has no barriers, no rules, no limits. It’s impossible to find a woman too large or a man too small in this realm. You’ll find yourself extending your comfort zones; wondering if you truly want to escape from your tiny prison or completely immerse yourself in this wonderful new, miniature world that you find yourself in. Do you dare experience the power of a true, experienced Giantess?


Give us a call, today for your own Giantess Phone Sex Fantasy!