Making the Best out of Your Giantess Phone Sex Calls

Are you new to the giantess fetish? If you think back to your earliest giantess fantasy, what did it entail? This is certainly something to ponder if you are thinking about making your first giantess phone sex call, and even helpful if you’ve made your one-hundredth giantess phone sex call.

Think about this: do you like to be shrunk, or do you like the lady in your fantasy to grow right before your eyes? There are a variety of ways to approach your giantess fantasy and one way is to be completely shrunken - either through sheer magic, or some concoction your soon-to-be giantess cooked up. Perhaps your giantess can grow right before your eyes and tower over you, your house and the city you live in. Ponder it and see what is more of an exciting approach to you.

Another thing to consider is that how do you like your giantess to approach you? Do you like to have her put you in her mouth and swirl you around and spit you out? How about just eating you? Perhaps you like for her to crush you with her bare feet on the ground, or pick you up with her finger nails and toy with you like a little man pet. You might like being played with as a live sex toy as well.

Think of the demeanor of your giantess for awhile - is she cruel? Playful? Sensual? Unrelenting? How would you like your giantess to treat you? Some enjoy a more cruel giantess, seeking to devour their little men and satiate their appetites whilst others prefer a more sensual, playful giantess who will put them in their pockets, or between their breasts, for example, and carry them wherever they go.

Consider what you like in your giantess fantasies before you place a call - you’ll be glad you did, and will make it enjoyable, for not only you, but your giantess as well!

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