Fear and the Giantess Fetish


One of the most exciting things about having a giantess fetish is the fear she instills. We all have things that make our heart beat faster, whether they are exciting to us in a good way or a bad way they still bring up our body temperature and get the blood pumping through our veins.

This sensation can be one of fear or erotic excitement. That quickening of the heartbeat, your breath coming faster and your mind rushing a million miles an hour in a hundred different directions, are all feelings that can be associated with either thing. When we are in the midst of one of these emotions, we know exactly which it is, fear or excitement, but when you really stop to think about it the two are as closely related as love and hate.

There is but a thin delicate line between our fear and our lust, the thing that terrifies us and the thing that excites us, at least in the way our body reacts. The only real biological difference is where our body chooses to deposit the influx of blood. When it’s erotic, the blood goes straight to all those naughty parts we so love to play with, doesn’t it. *giggle*


Giantess Fetish: Desire The Fear


This is where the giantess fetish gets fun though! What if there are some fetishes where the line is rather, let’s say, blurry. These bring the feelings of terror and desire even closer together. Don’t worry, this isn’t some crazy fetish you haven’t heard of in fact for most of us it’s something we’ve experienced at least on some level ourselves.

For instance, every time you read a vampire novel and you get to those parts where the blood thirsty killer vampire is about to bite and fuck the willing human, you are experiencing a combination of the fear and desire emotion I’m talking about here. You don’t want to be killed or bitten by a vampire but the desire for it is still so strong that it overrides the fear and feeds off it, making them one in the same.

Other sexual fetishes that include this fear and desire interaction are ones where you are in danger of some sort, either real or imagined. Captivity and a mean Mistress can be very dangerous for you, yet some of you love the thought of all control being taken away from you.

The fear of knowing someone has you and can do anything they like to you or with you is an incredible turn on. This tweaks the fear center in the erotic desire in your body and gets you hard and ready, even while your brain may be thinking of running away or escape. The Giantess and shrinking fetishes are part of this as well.

When you imagine yourself caught by a woman who is so much larger than you, she could crush you without maybe even noticing, the fear explodes as does your cock with excitement. Same for the moment you realize your drink was spiked and you are now shrinking, you are thrilled and turned on, but also terrified at the thought of what might happen to you.



We Love To Know You Are Afraid


Being Mistresses, we love to know you are overcome with emotion. Especially if those emotions give us the upper hand or amuse and entertain us in some way. I’m certain, in fact, that some of us would even scare you a little bit on purpose just to make the excitement more intense.

You see, we know, as well as you do that fear and desire are intermingled. While we never encourage anyone to do anything truly dangerous, the fantasy aspect is enough to make things all tingly. Real danger and fear are not sexy at all, but playing and letting your mind believe you are in danger, well that is all kinds of fun!

It’s exciting to have you in the palm of our hand, literally. Growing while you watch, terrified, seeing your car flipped over with a light kick from us, your house crushed when we kneel down to grab you between our fingers and dangle you from miles in the air.

This is a huge turn on for us too! That fear you feel, running for your tiny little life, the moment we scoop you up and make you ours, that is what is making your cock hard. We know it and you know it and as your imminent demise draws near, you get more and more turned on, the fear coursing through your body and making you explode as we drop you into our mouth!


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