Giantess Fantasies: The Origin of a Giantess 

If you’ve read a book or been to a movie in the past 20 years, then you are probably aware of one very sad fact: giantess fantasies aren’t very main stream. There just aren’t nearly enough giantesses in TV and movies as you’d like.

As uncommon as giantess fantasies and giantess themed stories and shows seem to be, mistresses with giantess fantasies are even more rare and unique. Since giantess stories and imagery in our culture seem in short supply, it makes me wonder how they encountered this fetish – if they knew about it before becoming a giantess mistress, or did they become a giantess mistress because of their desire to grow bigger and stronger?

I like to ask this question, “how did you become a giantess?” Here are a few of my favorite responses.

Giantess Fantasies Mistress 1: Imaginary Tiny Friends

“It started for me when I was very young. My sister and I would play this game where we pretended there were tiny people living inside the walls. We would talk to them, and look for them, and pretend we saw them, sneaking around on the floor, or running under the bed.

As I grew older, I never forgot that game; even as an adult my sister and I would joke about the tiny people…blame them for leaving windows open, or pushing a phone off the counter and breaking it, or drinking all of the juice in the refrigerator, leaving just an empty carton.

Of course, as an adult, I began to realize the erotic power of playing with tiny people. I could make them do anything I wanted, play with them any way I chose. I could put them in between my breasts, or make them dangle from a nipple. Then I imagined what it would be like to grow taller – as tall as an office building!

All of the world was now filled with my not-so-imaginary tiny people. I could pluck them out of windows, and drop them in my panties if I wished…oohhh my…”

Mistress 2: Tall Girl Grows Taller

“When I was younger, I had a growth spurt. Suddenly I outgrew all of the other kids in my class. At first I was shy and embarrassed of my new height, but then I discovered how much attention it got me, especially from the older boys.

Teachers didn’t treat me like a little girl anymore. Instead of slouching I’d stand up tall and straight. I discovered that I LOVED all the new attention! My parents would measure me from time to time against a door frame and make a little pencil mark with a book at the top of my head. I always looked forward to seeing that new mark, seeing how much higher it was than the last mark.

I was disappointed one time when it hadn’t changed very much. Had I finally stopped growing? I loved it every time I grew and got to go shopping for new clothes and especially new shoes. Were my growing days numbered? It was then that I began wishing I was taller! I’d imagine what it would be like to be taller than all my teachers, or as tall as the door frame, or even as tall as the ceiling.

I loved the idea of everyone looking up at me, and of course I REALLY loved the idea of looking down on them. I’d continue imagining what it would be like to be taller and taller still. I loved being able to see over all the other kids’ heads, but why should it stop there?

I wanted to see over the tops of trees, and even buildings. I wanted EVERYONE to look up at me with praise and wonder and say ‘WOW, look how TALL she is!'”

Mistress 3: The Giant Boyfriend

“I never knew about giantess fantasies until I was dating this one guy…we were both in our early 20s. He actually told me about it. He had this giant fetish I guess – he loved the idea of being a giant. But he didn’t want a pint-sized girlfriend, what really turned him on was the idea of me growing with him.

Together, we’d get taller and taller, growing more and more gigantic, watching the tiny world shrink around us. He’d tell me stories about stomping down city streets, scaring crowds, not worrying about what (or who) we stepped on. One day, we decided to build our own miniature city.

A real tiny city – made out of model cars and buildings, with wide city streets that we got from a hobby store that sold model trains. It was so fucking cool, walking around this little city we made. I would peek in the windows and pretend I could see the little people peering out inside.

I’d show off my giant boyfriend to the guys…especially my old, tiny boyfriend who I imagined lived in the top floor of the tallest building. Think you’re man enough to satisfy me? Look at my new man now! You’re NOTHING compared to him.

We got so fucking horny doing this… it didn’t take long before he’d tear my clothes off, and we’d throw them around the little toy town. We fucked in the middle of the street, knocking over toy buildings and really putting a hurt on that little town.”

“After a couple of years we broke up, my giant man and I. Still, I couldn’t get the WONDERFUL memories of those giant-sized fuck fests out of my head. I may have dumped the boyfriend, but I kept the fantasy, always with me.

It changed a bit…it wasn’t so much the giant man that turned me on, it was the growing and the power. I was always a bit of a good girl, and this was a chance to explore my wild side, my bad-girl side. I loved being big and bad, and evil and gigantic. Fucking loved it.”

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