Giantess Plan to Rule the World


How did this Giantess plan to rule the world come about?

We made a deal. She was always the brains and the gorgeous body of the operation and I was the brawn, or the muscle as she called me. I still remember sitting on the bed with her laughing about our brilliant plan.

It sounds crazy now that I’m writing it down, that is unless you have been watching the news and know that our world is completely different than it was before. If you have then you also probably know just the gorgeous body I am referring to when I mention her. You can see her and her friends everywhere now and on a daily basis, a level of fame so huge that nothing will ever be the same.


Finding Huge Fame… Literally!


Huge. Giant. Those are the words that I should be emphasizing here! Though it’s still hard to believe and some days when I first wake up, I forget that things went so differently than we had planned. Or rather, than I had planned. It seems what she planned happened exactly right.

Let me start at the beginning. We had been dating for about a month when she brought up the idea of taking over the world. I told you it would sound like something that comes from some old science fiction film or a book or cartoon, but that is just how it happened.

I know now that she had it planned all along. She had only started dating me because I worked at the lab where they were testing the formula. The growth formula. She had talked with her friends about it and they all decided that ruling the world would be a real kick and seeing as college was getting boring, it would be fun to give it a try.


Hatching the Plan to Rule the World


After all, the formula (they heard about it because one of their professors did a class talking all about the possibilities if this actually worked) wasn’t likely to do anyone any harm and at the worst they just wouldn’t get to take over the world.

Then they really started thinking about it and realized that the very worst thing that would happen, was more than just something not working, but was really the fact that they would end up in jail for stealing the stuff if it didn’t work.

That’s where I came in, well not me, but the idea of me. Working as a janitor at the labs, gave me keys to every single office in the place, as well as any other locks, because you never knew what might break. So, she arranged to meet me, totally on purpose accidentally if you know what I mean.

We ran into one another at a bar and it was love at first sight, at least I thought so. After a month, I was so wrapped up in this woman and that she could have told me to do anything and I would have done it. Obviously, right?



Putting the Giantess Plan Into Action


That’s when she told me she had a Giantess plan to take over the world. I laughed and then realized I was the only one chuckling and sat up straight, paying attention and knowing that this was probably not going to end well for me. Of course, her half naked body kept me from really being all that concerned about right and wrong and I listened intently to her plan.

I would steal the formula and bring it back to her, we would then take turns drinking it and growing. It made sense in a crazy sci fi kind of way. We would be too large for them to stop and eventually things would happen exactly as we said. She even appealed to my peaceful nature by suggesting we could end war in the world.

It was too good to be true, I should have known it then, but I didn’t. All I knew was that I wanted her and she was willing to make a deal with me that would keep us together forever. Only it didn’t. I got back, cops hot on my tail and she took it, drank some and tossed it to her friends.

They drank, passed it around and then laughed as they threw the empty vial to me and began to grow. She smiled and told me I’d make a good pet, then ran outside to keep from messing up her hair when she grew through the roof. Soon they were taller than all the buildings and as you probably know, quite adept at getting anything they want. Like this story.

She told me if I wrote about her Giantess plan to rule the world, she might consider sharing some of the potion with me. They had the scientists all working for them now and were very much ruling the world. I hope I get some, I really do. I think I will…Why would she lie?