Giantess Vore: Vore and the Giantess


Giantess Vore is quite common, as you’ll soon see!

“You look good enough to eat.” She said it softly and ran her tongue up the tiny body. He trembled a little, either out of excitement or fear, I wasn’t sure which as I looked on, knowing I was next. Her lips, so full and luscious made me think of juicy strawberries, sweet and cool in the summer.

It was a safe memory, my mind taking something that might be the end of me and making it into happy thoughts. My heart slowed, relaxing. She wasn’t really going to eat us! That was just a silly fairytale to scare kids out of stealing. Though in the tale it was an ugly giant, not a beautiful and sensual Giantess who I would never think of running from no matter what!


Giantess Vore: How It Started


I’m sure you’re wondering how I came to be pondering whether or not I was about to be a snack for a Giantess. It happened when the women got sick of being called the weaker sex. Always smarter than men, they got together and started talking about how they should be the ones in control.

Men, of course, laughed at this, thinking the women would do something small like burn their bras (which we all secretly hoped for) or stop cooking dinner. We were so so wrong. They were much smarter than that. They started out small, doing a few experiments, trying out different things. Nothing we really noticed, until one morning…That was the morning everything changed.

We all woke up to the news reporting that a very occurrence was on the radar. Military men were panicking, unsure just what was happening, then we all saw her, big as life (Hell, she was much much BIGGER than life) there on the television.

Walking through the ocean, towering above everything, making our ships look like toys, she was terrifying, but so beautiful. Wearing torn denim shorts and a now rather damp tank top, her long red hair blowing around her head, we needed our news helicopters to capture her on film.

Realizing too late, that she wasn’t alone, our first inclination was to try to capture her in ways other than film. That was a pipe dream we soon learned.



Secret Female Potion


The women all had the secret potion, something that reacted with particular female hormones so even if we got our hands on it, we wouldn’t grow. Of course, we didn’t know that and had to try, especially when the women started growing or shrinking back to normal size, seemingly at will.

Really they were taking turns, slowly but surely taking over everything, making certain there was no way we could ever wrestle power away from them. They grew taller than skyscrapers, destroying what they didn’t need and putting us all in our place.

Then they started assuming different sizes, finally settling on one that was somewhere between the incredible Giantess we first saw and just taller than the trees. I’m guessing around 40 feet tall, maybe less. They would change depending on how much of the potion they drank.


Power is Intoxicating


The thing is, like with all power, it can be very intoxicating to know you are in control in every way over someone. They hold our lives, literally in their hands. And soon making men toys, seemed like a great way to pass the time. After all, if you are that big, you can have any man you want, however you want.

And the lucky men, well they became special pets, kept for fun and sex and just to have available whenever a Giantess wanted them! Others, like me and my friend I mentioned at the beginning, we were middle of the road kind of guys. Not having done anything to piss anyone off (or so I thought), we weren’t sent to work and build like most of the military and government. We were brought home and kept as entertainment.

I wasn’t honestly sure, until just a little while ago, what I was being kept for, though once I realized my keeper was a secretary I screwed and then screwed out of a promotion, I started to think I might be in a little bit of trouble. My friend there, the one being licked, he wasn’t worried, said he was her ex-boyfriend and she was still totally into him.

He was right! She was still into him. As a matter of fact, it is more like he’s in her now. I watched it, saw her tongue peek out, just the tip, as she licked her lips and swallowed.

All the while reaching down and rubbing her finger on me, exciting me. She smiled then, feeling my whole body tremble as I climaxed and said, “You can be dessert.”