Giantess Tia's Shrinking Little Man Audio Story


are you looking for my Giantess audio story, little man? Well look down a bit further...








...a little further....








...keep going....











Finally, you found it! Took you long enough, shorty!


Listen to a Giantess Audio Story by Giantess Tia

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About Giantess Tia

Ever wondered what it could be like to be small, very small like a tiny rodent or an ant? All your strength drained away, totally at the mercy of a beautiful amazonian goddess? I will pick you up by your puny head and play humiliating degrading games with your little body, laughing at your predicament.

Come into my world, where women rule and all you can do is helplessly obey my every whim. I am always looking for an amusing way to spend my day and you look amusing...Hahahaha. Stand at me feet and gaze adoringly at these long luscious legs...tilt your head back...further...can you see the object of your desire? So far away and so intimidating, isn't it?

I've always loved the idea of being a cat and you can be the little mouse I bat around the room. Have you ever watched a cat with it's prey? A cat will amuse themselves, playing with their prey for hours, letting it escape just for a moment, only to drag it back by it's little broken leg...eventually snapping it's neck and walking away bored. That's how I imagine it will be with you. I'll play with you, let you run a little even, only to slam my large fingers down around you and squeeze the air out of you, dragging you back to my clutches. We're going to have fun...come to the Island.

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