How to Please your Giantess


By Giantess Alina 

Welcome to Giantess Worship Guide where you learn the art of How to Please your Giantess! Here I will explore the wonderful and fun world of Giantess Play. Macrophilia is a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants, more commonly expressed as giantesses (female giants).

It is typically a male fantasy, with the male playing the “smaller” part. This Giantess Fetish includes but not limited to, being dominated, or being eaten by the larger woman. Others involve partners who naturally have a significant difference in size.


A Quick Look At Giantess In Modern art and literature




In Lewis Carroll’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, there are several scenes where the heroine Alice grows to giant size by means of eating something (like a cake or a mushroom). Similarly Arthur C. Clarke’s story Cosmic Casanova describes an astronaut’s revulsion at discovering that an extraterrestrial female he adored on a video screen is in fact thirty feet tall.




Size-changing heroines have appeared in such comics: Doom Patrol, Mighty Avengers, Marvel Adventures Avengers, Team Youngblood, and Femforce.

In the latter series, the giantess-superheroines Tara and Garganta combine immense size and strength with beauty and femininity, and have a cult following among both men and women. Conversely, size-changing villainesses, such as Wonder Woman foe Giganta, use their strength and beauty for less altruistic purposes as a weapon to crush their foes.

Giantesses are also common in the manga and anime mediums of Japan. She-Hulk’s nickname is “The Jade Giantess”, due to the main character growing in size and more powerful when becoming She-Hulk.

The giantess also appears in modern-day art, illustration and fashion. UK based illustrator Emma Melton has used the giantess as a symbol in her illustrated fashion line ‘Blessed by a Giantess’, which aims to promote healthy body image in young girls and spread the message that ‘We are all beautiful.”


Feeling helpless Is An Understatement 


When you are so very small in every way, and a Giantess  Goddess Captures you, things can go very very wrong for you! How can you refuse a Giantess Goddess who can fling your tiny little body every which way?

You must first show your Giantess Goddess that you are willing to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to make her happy!!!


 Choose Your Devotion Carefully


First, Obey Your Giantess without question! Why? Because you CAN get squished ! So disobedience is out of the question!!! Of course worshiping a dominant beautiful woman can be very intimidating, imagine the power of a Giantess Goddess, in all her glory. She towers over you, as you marvel at her impossibly gigantic magnificence.

Ready to be plunged into her cleavage, or crawl between her legs and…

Inserting yourself into her opening pussy, with it’s sweet flowing river and waterfalls, massaging her giant clit, going deeper into her huge womanhood that opens before you, like the most sacred of caves, drowning you in lakes of pleasure.


 A Giantess Can Be Nurturing/Protective 


Submitting yourself to a Giantess Goddess servitude and devotion can be astoundingly rewarding! She may keep you close by and take her everywhere like a tiny live lucky charm. You can reside in her pocket, or cleavage, or hide in her underwear…

She can take you to work with her, so you can always be nearby. What a delight!!! You are a tiny devoted submissive pet who is super easy to carry and watch over. Your Giant Goddess is now your home and your ultimate Mistress.

Serving her at a moment notice is your greatest pleasure and honor. Take all the time you need to massage her beautiful giant feet! After a long day, your Giantess will demand a foot massage. You will be provided oil, and you can use your WHOLE body to massage and relax every single spot.


Shrink To A Size of her choosing


In my Giantess Play I LOVE TO SHRINK YOU. You will show up a normal size and I may start to be my normal five feet eleven height, however, soon enough I will shrink you to any size I wish and do with you what I wish. Of course you should WANT so badly to be my little shrunken men toy, and I will NEVER hurt you, unless you wish for me to be a MEAN Giantess….

Otherwise, if you truly want to please me, then you can be my tiny sex toy, my precious little shrunken lover I carry EVERYWHERE I go, in my bra, in  my purse (up my pussy!!!). You can secretly come with me on clothes shopping trips, shoe shopping, girls night out or even participate in your shrunken state when my huge size lover is around… mmmm doesn’t that sound like total haven???

So if you even truly wanted to know how fun this kink can be, then join us here on Giantess Island and see all the delicious, fascinating, thrilling way a Giantess Goddess can own YOU completely!!!