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Welcome to Giantess Island.

We specialize in giantess fantasies, giantess roleplays, shrinking fetish and giantess Phone Sex sessions.

Giantess Island is a virtual fantasy world where you can explore all of your giantess fantasies. Giantess Women inhabit the Island of Giantess, and fantastic Giantess adventures await you!

The Legend of Giantess Island...

Two missionaries and most of the native population they have come to convert die as waves of radiation from an unknown government's nuclear testing sweep over the island. Hidden and partly protected by half buried thick stone walls, their five daughters survive as they explore the ruins of an ancient temple.

They emerge, terrified, three days later as their water runs out. Alone and having no options, they drink irradiated water, eat irradiated fruit and eventually must plant in the affected soil. Their crops are huge, with mammoth fruits and vegetables growing in the jungle and in their gardens. Birds seem larger too, and the jungle beasts they keep at bay with fire. Until the day they realize that they themselves are growing larger.

They keep pace with the island, and then outstrip it, growing to the cliffs, standing above the new tree tops and fearing nothing, ever again!

They are changed forever, these five lovely Giantess girls, and they grow to womanhood with only each other and a superiority over all mankind. To the natives who eventually resettle among the huge trees and incredibly lush fruits on one side of the island, they are a legend of fear and destruction. A legend that continues over the years. The Legend of Giantess Island....

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Do you enjoy Giantess Roleplay, Giantess Fantasies, or Shrinking Fantasies? You'll find all that and more here at Giantess Island. If you're looking for Shrinking Fantasies in particular, check out Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex, a site just for those who love the fantasy of getting smaller and smaller in the presence of a gorgeous Giantess.


Do You Dare Experience the Power of a Giantess?

What's that! A crashing, thunderous sound arises, and it's growing closer...You hide behind a patch of seagrass on the shore of this magical island, and you see two huge objects approaching you. An enormous pair of giantess feet! You feel the urge to run, to escape..but you feel an even more compelling urge to crane your neck up, to see what kind of spectacular creature those huge feet might be attached to...

You've heard stories about women like this. But you thought that's all they were: giantess stories, fictional tales of beyond-Amazonian Giantess women.

Yet here you are, at the feet of a woman who must be at least 150 feet tall. And she is real. And you cannot escape.

And you don't want to...

Now what...is...that...I see, crawling around on the ground, 200 feet below my eyes?

Aaaah, my favorite... A tiny, helpless, cowering man!

These men are so silly! Don't they KNOW that I could pulverize them with my little toe, without even breaking a sweat?

I think they do realize that a Giantess like me, a huge, towering, giant woman such as myself could take a walk through their neighborhood and inflict more destruction than the worst tornado the Earth has ever experienced...

I think they know this...and I think they LOVE it. I think they are fascinated by a creature like me, a woman over 30 times their height, their strength, their size...They've heard giantess stories about giantess women like me, and they have fantasized about being in the presence of a powerful Giantess...

But until they feel the earth shake under their feet...

Until they see the sky darken as I approach, blocking out they rays of the sun...

Until they have cowered at my giantess feet, as I peer down from my vantage point, 200 feet above them...

Ooooh..these little men have no idea of the true Power of the Giantess Women.

Do you dare to experience that power?

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