Isle of Giant Women: Where is Giantess Island?


Giantess Island… We had heard of it. Oh, of course we had. Any man who bothers to look around has heard of it. Any man who was excited by even the remake of the Fifty Foot Woman, a man who say Gulliver’s Travels and imagined how it would be the opposite way.

You know, the other island. Yes, there is another island in my fantasy and in the fantasy of some friends I met. It’s the one where you aren’t the biggest thing on the island. Oh no! I don’t imagine being tied down by lots of little people and walked on.

I love the thought of the very secret Giantess Island! On this island, women are huge, giant if you will, tall and beautiful towering above anything and everything. An island so amazing that it couldn’t possibly be real. But it was. It all was.


Isle of Giant Women: Finding a Fantasy


Let me start a little earlier in the story for you, so you know I’m not insane. Well maybe you’ll still think I am, but if you are a fellow traveler like me, you’ll know that it doesn’t matter and you will have at least a little bit of hope. Hope that you too can find Giantess Island.

It started out online. I decided just to Google it, don’t we all do that when we want to know. Island of Giants, got me some books and a map of the Redwood trees. That was about all. So I tried Giantess Island, still no luck, or so I thought. There was a forum though and since we all like to be a part of something, I joined. T

hat was the best decision of my life, there we were comparing fantasies and someone, I still don’t know who but I have my suspicions, their username was Enchanting Giantess, and they said there really was a Giantess Island. A place populated by women who were so beautiful and statuesque, tall tall women, women who could pick up your boat in one hand. We were all in awe and begged for more details. What we got was a map, a guide, a way to get there, if we dared to believe and try.



The Quest Begins


We dared! It didn’t take long for six of us, I like to call us the True Believers, started exchanging phone numbers and were wildly planning this trip. I had about two weeks of vacation time coming, which I promptly took and flew down to Florida to meet the other guys and charter our boat.

We had some time recruiting a captain, since none of us were sailors, but the thought of those beautiful feet, the only things we could see without looking up and up and up, a perfect toe, the arch to slide under, heel to avoid at all times, had me too excited to mind what he eventually charged us.

The others were the same, talking about being picked up and held ten or twenty stories in the air, to be examined by a beautiful island Enchantrix. We were so turned on we could barely sleep. I remember being lulled by the rocking of the boat, only to startle awake at a nightmare of missing it completely.

We were on a quest to mind our fantasy. A journey we were sent on by a stranger on a forum who seemed to know, but would never give us any details about themselves, other than to say they knew without a doubt it was real and the women loved visitors.

That was enough for us, our hard cocks screamed please take me there and we knew we would. Even when the captain said it might in all be over two weeks, I just climbed on board, heading for the aisle of giant women.


Enchanting Giantess Times Ten


Our trip to the aisle of giant women was uneventful right up until it wasn’t. I won’t bore you with those details, I’ll just tell you what I know you want to know. Did we find the island? So did we? Yes. We found Giantess Island.

We actually got caught in the oh so typical storm that we should have been prepared for, as it happens in every movie when someone is on a boat. We weren’t though, and when the boat ran up on the beach of the island, none of us knew until they appeared.

They were the most beautiful women I had ever imagined. Giantess Island women, who picked us up and examined us! One laid me in the palm of her hand and gently rubbed her finger over my body until I came.

It was amazing and impossible, women taller than any tree who took us home, made us their toys. I can’t begin to tell you how incredible it all was or how long we were there, but it felt like a moment and forever all at once and these women were insatiable, using us in every way we’d ever fantasized about.

It was like they had memberships and had read our fantasies about the Isle of Giant Women on the Giantess Island forum….