My First Trip To Giantess Island


A few years ago, I went on vacation to a place far away. The first time I heard about Giantess Island was when a friend of mine told me about a secluded island that very few people even knew about. I didn’t believe him at first because I thought that most of the planet’s land masses had at least been discovered, if not explored.

I knew that there were places that hadn’t been explored, but unknown land on earth? How was that possible? My friend waved off that question and said that he himself didn’t understand the particulars, but he insisted that this place was real. I finally began to believe him because he was so sure of it. I decided that since he was probably the richest guy I knew that he had found some “rich people playground” somewhere that was away from everything else.

So when he asked me to go to this vacation paradise, I readily accepted his invitation. He told me that there was only one airline that flew there and you could only book the flight out of JFK. So he said that we would both fly from Las Vegas to JFK and catch the connecting flight from there. I agreed and bought my ticket at the same time he did his ticket.


 The Trip Begins


I will never forget what it was to get on that flight at JFK. First off, the plane was a tiny private plane. My friend and I were the only passengers aboard. There were no attendants, no peanuts, and no drinks. The pilot was not a man of many words, but did say it would be an overnight flight so we should try to get some sleep.

The thing that got me was that there were no windows anywhere except in the front where the captain sat. When I quietly pointed this out to my friend, he said that the inhabitants of the island didn’t want anyone to know its location.

This trip was getting stranger as time went on but I was still willing, seeing no imminent danger. I settled down in my seat and after an hour or so of reading I went to sleep.

I awoke to the pilot saying that we were landing in a few minutes. All at once I was filled with excitement. My friend had refused to tell me anything about the island other than it wasn’t like any place else. The plane landed and taxied for a while.

Then it stopped and the pilot stopped the engine and opened the cabin door. He confirmed with us when he would be coming back to get us and then wished us well and an adventurous vacation on Giantess Island.



Welcome to Giantess Island


I knew something was different the moment we stepped on to the tarmac. Someone had put two skin colored statues of feminine feet complete with painted toenails and sandals by the gate. They were huge and one was on each side of the gate. I looked up to see where the legs ended and got the shock of my life.

The feet seemed to be attached to a giant female body…and head that was bent down staring at me. There was a beautiful smile on the face and the lips moved to say, “Welcome to Giantess Island!” but I barely heard them. I couldn’t believe it! The giantess saw my shock and confusion and bent down and picked me up in the palm of her hand.

She was really beautiful I thought as I looked into her very large blue eyes. She explained to me that the island was home to about on hundred women. Their ancestors had been banished here because of their height. Only a few people still knew they were on the island and these people protected privacy and the island’s location.

I was very lucky to have been let in on the secret. She went on to say that the rules of the island were simple. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement and surrender my cell phone and all other electronic devices for the duration of my stay here. Otherwise, Giantess Island was like any other resort for the very rich.

I enjoyed my time there very much. The ladies were all beautiful and very friendly. I now live on the island part time to be with my girl. Yes there are things that have to worked out because of our size difference, but it doesn’t affect my feelings for her.

Going to Giantess Island changed my life and I’m glad!

I love all the Giant Women!