Please Don’t Grow, Mistress


“Please don’t grow, Mistress.” Why did I keep uttering those words? Let me tell you.

When she stepped into the experiment chamber, I truly had no clue what was about to happen. I’m just an intern you see. Nobody really tells me anything. I press buttons. I make notes. I clean lab equipment. I clean A LOT.

The experiment chamber was a windowed room in the lab with a lot of empty space inside, and a ceiling that went up high, like gymnasium height. I was never permitted in here when an actual experiment was going on – the room was always cleared of all unessential personnel for that, and only real scientists were permitted to be inside during an experiment.

Today was no different except that there was a severe weather alert, leaving only the chief scientist and myself to pack everything up until after the storm passed. It was still almost pleasant outside, just a slight breeze starting up, but you could definitely see the gray of the horizon turning ominously dark.

Most of the scientists were either at home getting ready for the oncoming storm or making plans to leave the city for the weekend until it blew over. The chief scientist was a lovely, curvaceous, voluptuous – and fucking hot – woman that I couldn’t take my eyes off. Round, full cleavage peaked out from her lab coat.

Her heels clicked mercilessly over the tile floor. The calf of her leg was shapely and flexed beneath sheer hose that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off. “What are you looking at?” she snapped at me. I shook my head awake. “We’ve got to backup all of the data to the central main frame, cover all the equipment, secure all…”

I stopped listening and just watched her perfect ruby lips form words. I’m sure all the instructions were important, I just couldn’t focus on them. “Where’s my checklist…my clipboard?” I pointed inside the experiment chamber. She turned on her heels, opened the clear door, and went inside while I started dusting off the control console.



Grow Mistress: What Have You Done?


“Hey, is this thing supposed to be on like this?” I asked. She couldn’t hear me through the clear glass. I shrugged and looked for the off switch. There it was. I pressed a button. There was a spark, like static electricity that jumped from my fingertips. I heard fists pound against glass.

I looked up. She looked furious! I couldn’t hear what she was saying exactly, but obviously she was locked inside the experiment chamber. “Don’t worry I’ll let you out,” I shouted as loudly as possible. She waved her arms frantically. I guess she wanted me to hurry. I found the door control and pressed it. Again, another spark. Lights flickered on and off erratically. She pointed wildly at something. She cupped her hand to her ear.

I looked on the control board for an intercom button and found it. “What are you doing?!” she shouted. “It’s not ready for human testing. Get me out of here!” The lights in the lab dimmed. There was a flash of blue light inside the experiment chamber. I heard her shriek.

I ran to the glass to see if she was OK. I think she fainted. She was sitting on the floor with her legs in front of her. “Are you all right?” Silence. Then I saw it. Her head began to raise as she sat against the glass. Her legs creeped out farther and farther from her body. She just seemed to lift and rise and expand…

“What have you done?” I heard her cry through the intercom. I watched, dumbfounded, as she continued to rise up. Higher and higher, expanding, swelling….GROWING. Her head loomed higher and higher above me.

I could see the curve of her skirt around her hips as she sat there, watching through the glass, growing outward, upward, ever higher and higher. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” I heard her again, through the glass, booming this time, as I craned my neck upwards to see all of her.


Release and Capture


I found an emergency door release. Her gigantic hand seemed like it barely fit through the door as she contorted her body and reached through from the experiment chamber into the rest of the lab. I thought at first her hand was reaching for the console, the tiny buttons and switches too small now for her giant fingers to operate. Instead, the fingers circled me, closing around me tightly.

“YOU HAD BETTER FIX THIS,” she said, suddenly releasing me, spilling me out onto the floor. I put my hand on the table next to me and pulled myself from the floor. I didn’t realize I was so close to the control console. I felt a click of a switch. Equipment hummed to life once again. “I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU WHAT TO DO YET!” her voice boomed. “I didn’t… hang on, I’m shutting it all down…”

“NOOOO…” I heard her voice booming ever louder. There was another flash of blue light. “Oh crap,” was all I managed to say before she grabbed me again, squeezing.


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