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Well hello there little one. I can barely see you down there, so tiny and small beneath me. But don't worry, little man, I will take very good care of such a tiny little thing like you!!

There are so many things I could do with a little man... holding you in my large soft hands, placing you between my large full breasts for safe keeping, or perhaps putting you in darker deeper places where you're sure not to get lost!!

I have always wanted to have little people around to play with and enjoy, having them worship my amazing Giantess body. I bet you are wondering just what your Giantess has in mind for her little man today... will she be kind and gentle, being sure not to squish you? Or will she be cruel and mean, tormenting you as she slips you into her mouth? Whatever it is I choose to do with you, a little man such as yourself won't have any say in it at all... you're just too tiny to put up a fight or disagree, now aren't you?

Well, little man, don't keep your Giantess waiting! I am ready to play right now and I need a tiny little man to play with... are you him?


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+