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Hello tiny boy, you have wandered into my lair. The magical aphrodisiac scent I have crafted has guided you in. You are my prey. You are another tiny boy victim to be played with, teased, terrified, and eventually devoured by this giant perfect Goddess.

I'm reclining on a long lounge made by tiny boy slaves and you are in front of me, intoxicated now by my potion. I may decide to play with you, squeezing you between my cleavage, or crushing you between my muscular ass cheeks. I could roll you down my long legs, pluck you back into my palm and toy with you and pet you with my pinky finger. If you are cute and meaty enough, I may devour you in a gulp like a grape...mmmmmmmm..sweet. My mood will prevail in any game that I decide with my prey. I most likely will chase you, poor tiny boy, never any escape, walking as you run as fast as you can. I play by missing you. I can crush you with one step of the high heeled foot, or blow on you, sending you into the mouth of the volcano. I may keep you as my pet if you are amusing and funny, for as long as I decide. Can you amuse me?


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+