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Toll Free Number: 877-496-0255

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Hello there, tiny man. How did you end up in my giantess world? No matter. You are here now and I get to toy with you and amuse my giant self with your tiny little body!

Sometimes I like to chase you. It's adorable watching those little legs and feet spinning a mile a minute trying to escape my giantess reach only to realize that all that distance you covered wasn't even the length of my stride. One step and I could easily squash you! I am mean enough to do it? You don't know but you're afraid to find out!

Sometimes I like to use tiny men like you as my sex toys. Sometimes I like to use tiny men as human dildos, other times I could make you run for hours, standing atop my love button, providing just the stimulation I need bring me to an earth-shattering orgasm.

I enjoy holding you in the palm of my hand, close to my giant face. So close that my giant red lips, white teeth, and long tongue, though very sexy, scare the hell out of you. You are completely at my mercy. There is nothing stopping me from popping you inside my mouth and either tormenting you endlessly or [gulp] having you for lunch.

That's the exciting thing about being a tiny man in a giantess world- knowing your worst fears could come true but unable to resist or do anything about it. Tiny men like you are at the mercy of giantess goddesses like me. Will I have mercy on you? I guess you'll have to call and find out, tiny man.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+