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Hello down there! Yes you! Tiny, little man. I have been looking for a new playtoy to amuse me and you are adorable. I will just pick you up by the back of your shirt and bring you up to my eye level. Leaving you to dangle helplessly from my fingers. Kicking your little legs wildly to no avail. Oh little man, you are so funny!

You will keep me laughing with the antics you will perform for me. Doing funny dances, using you as the birdie for a rousing game of Giantess Woman breast badminton. And then, to keep you in good shape?having you scale mount Violet. From my feet all the way up to my hills and valleys. It's a hell of a climb, but so very worth it!

What was that? You didn't know this island was inhabited by Giant Women? I'm not surprised to hear that. We keep it very quiet. Just putting out flyers about resorts to entice tiny men such as yourself. But now that you are here, you are mine! Sure, I will share you with my Giantess friends. We will release you on the beach and chase you down with thundering footsteps shaking the very ground. Grabbing for you, yelling to each other when we spot you. And when we catch you, for we certainly shall, tucking you into our cleavage nice and safe. Or perhaps somewhere more cavelike.

So welcome to Giantess Island tiny man. You and I are going to have such fun together!


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+