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Toll Free Number: 877-496-0255

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Hello there you tiny, little man. I have been waiting for you. Yes, I knew you were coming. I know that my power female pheromones would get to you and would bring you to me.

I know you would never even possibly realize why you felt a pull to pick up that phone, call 877-496-0255, and book a trip to come to this island. Acting on instinct and hormones alone, you booked the trip, packed, and came here, maybe noticing a few other men affected like you.

When the plane touched down you went to your hotel, and eagerly signed up for the jungle tour, never thinking it was my trap all along!

It's just that I love tiny, little men, and require them as playthings! Now that I plucked you from the group tour, you will amuse me. I love to put you in a little cage and to watch as you try to escape. Now, today I am in a good mood, and this is lucky for you. We will have a chance to play my way. I might bounce you on my tongue, let you nap between my soft, warm breasts, or let you go spelunking in a very interesting pink ?cave!?

But be warned. If you rile my temper, there is no telling what a Giantess like me could do to a wee little one like you. I know you feel the pull toward me already!


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+