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Some of my friends here on Giantess Island have pets. They are the cutest little things. And now I want one of my own. So today I am making my way through the forest, gigantic feet and towering legs knocking over trees and buildings in my path. My eyes focused on the forest floor, almost 50 feet below. I see movement to my right. I run, my steps thundering through the valley like well timed explosions. A tiny man screams in his high pitched voice and hides behind a tree. I reach down, grab the branches and uproot the tree with one yank.

Exposed in the now open area is an adorable little man. He is wearing small pants and a shirt and itty bitty shoes. I carefully pick him up, and place him in the palm of my hand. You make the cutest faces tiny man. I laugh and poke you softly with my finger. Say something pet. You stutter, ?Thank you Giantess.? Yes, you shall be my very first pet. I take you to a larger clearing, sit down crosslegged and hold you in my open palm. You decide to be entertaining, doing a little soft shoe, pratfalls, flips and making silly faces until I laugh. You cover your ears to protect them from the boom of my laughter.

It is time to meet my friends on the beach, so I tuck you between my mountainous breasts, stand and stride toward the ocean. You are peeking out, enjoying the ride?and the surroundings. My friends will be very excited to see you pet. I am going to have you perform for them. Show them what a fantastic little pet I have. We have a game we like to play that you can join in. It is called human jai lai. Curious about how that goes? Well, one of us puts you in a comfy cone, tosses you in the air and all of the other giantess? compete to see who can catch you in their ass first. The winner gets to have you do a special performance for her.

You are going to love being my pet on Giantess Island. Sleeping in the tiny Altoids tin bed I made for you, right on my bedside table. Going for long walks in the safety of my cleavage, or tucked away somewhere even more protected. Playing games with me and my Giantess girlfriends. Keeping us entertained and amused. You are my sweet tiny pet, adored and pampered.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+