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Well hello there, tiny little man. Take a look around. You've found yourself on Giantess Island, a breathtakingly colossal setting for a being as small as yourself. You're so scanty I almost didn't see you, but fortunately for you, I'm always in search of a new miniscule bitty plaything!

Now tell me, little man, does the thought of being a tiny, microscopic speck in the vast expanse of your Giantess' world intrigue, excite, or terrify you? Perhaps a view from above might help you decide. Climb aboard as I grant you passage on the soft cushion of my palm while I lift you high into the air. I suggest you hold on very tight, because you don't know if the aerial world of your magnificent Giantess is full of dangers or delights!

As my looming figure casts an endless shadow over you, you find yourself wondering, "Will she be a friendly Giantess, or will she be a foe?" The answer is that it depends.

I could be the friendly guide that helps you explore the huge scope of my otherworldly landscape, or I could be your menacing adversary, terrorizing you in a ground-shaking chase around my bedroom! The options are endless, my pocket-sized toy. Will you find yourself gazing in amazement as I allow you to explore the mountainous terrain of my life, or will you be running in fear as I stomp, rattle, and crush anything in my path?

Come a little closer, my tiny man, and find out for yourself...


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+