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Little one, I am the Goddess of your dreams and the Giantess of your nightmares. You tremble at the thought of my Giantess body making the ground shake as I walk towards you.

I know you were hoping I didn't notice you. Did you think that maybe because you are so little that I wouldn't notice a small, little man like yourself?

Unfortunately, for you little man I did notice. I am always looking for a new little toy to play with. You feel the ground shake as I walk towards you. I bend down to take a closer look at you and my laughter makes you fall over. I am laughing at you because you are such a tiny man.

I scoop you up on my pinky finger and examine you. Yes, you will do. I drop you from my finger and you land on my big, bouncy Giantess breasts. I watch you crawl across the width of my breasts exhausted from how hard you have to work to get across just one.

I let a soft breath escape from my lips blowing on you again just to see you in the hurricane of my design watching you hold onto my nipple begging for mercy.

Oh, little man don't worry I won't let you fall. I will play with you and carry you on my shoulder as I travel through Giantess Island looking for other little men that have lost their way and will meet your same fate and soon be my prey.

Call me little man do not make a Giantess wait.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+