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You are a scientist. You've always been on the wimpy side when it comes to being a man. I'm your super hot girlfriend and you are sick and tired of guys coming on to me right of front of you. They act like you're not even there! So you are in the process of developing a breakthrough supplement that will dramatically enhance your muscle growth over time. Your research is showing real promise but you will not be granted more funding without a successful human trial. Desperate to seek approval of your new enhancement before you lose everything you've worked for, you secretly experiment on me without my knowledge!

Unfortunately for you however, the supplement had a unknown side effect . When the supplement is exposed to an abundance of female hormones the effects of it are tripled causing extreme female muscle growth. You watch in horror as I transform from a petite blonde a little over 5'5 into a 9 foot tall muscled amazon with thunderous bulging muscles and a bad attitude to go with it.

Determined to make you pay for experimenting on me without my knowledge. I turn you into my personal slave and wimpy boy toy. Now most of your time is spent searching frantically for a cure. You tweak the supplement trying different combinations getting different results. Some growing me 20 feet tall (that was a bad day for you, hahaha) and others which are too dangerously terrifying to mention here. You spend the rest of your time doing whatever you can to keep me happy and whatever you do, you do NOT want to make me angry.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+