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Talk about taking the Dom/sub dynamic to its very limits! Wow, Giantess fantasies! Am I right? The sub (tiny) is just no match for the capricious Giantess! I have a lot of fun with this fantasy. Look I've been "adulting" for a while now and it's just fun to put that all aside and have some tiny fun!

Are you a half inch tiny man? Maybe that's too extreme for your tastes. Five inch man is about as big as a pen, ten inch man the size of a Barbie doll. Then there are those who's fantasy has them foot or two tall. Go on a google it, there are some really great artists out there doing some fantastic work with the Giantess theme of various sizes! I love to put myself in the tiny man's perspective as we play out the fantasy.

There is just something about the power and complete unquestionable dominance a giantess has over her tiny's. Something about the tiny's who revere, lust after and at times fear their Giantess. After all a Giantess is prone to her moods and it's only the tiny's wish to please his Giantess, win favor and perhaps avoid the repercussions of not doing so when the Giantess is in "a mood".

Oh and let's not forget Virtual World Phone Sex! Join us and create your own tiny avatar! They have a Giantess Island in Virtual World! Truth be told I used our Enchantrix Empire setting as a fantasy audio I did about Giantesses!

Email me, tell me a bit about your Giantess fantasy and then let's play it out on the phone, or even sexy texting! Oh, and don't forget I do custom audio's. Create the story (or hire me to write it) and I can make you, your own 10-15-20 (or even longer) custom audio that transports you to a place not of this plane.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+