Taking Over The World Giantess Style


I was eighteen when what we now call “the Giantess Experiment” went wrong. The US government was test a drug that would make the soldiers fighting on the frontlines giant for a certain amount of time. It was in the animal testing phase when an explosion at the primary laboratory caused the drug to be introduced into the country’s water supply.

It was said that the drug became a virus in the female body and dormant in the male body. The virus did not kill its host. No, this is what is considered a “smart” disease. It only affects the female DNA that controls growth.

It seemed like all the women in America began growing overnight. It seemed that any woman over the age of twenty-two got taller and taller as the days went on with no cure in sight. Building became too small for them to enter, so the researchers had to try to do clinical tests in outdoor arenas and places like Central Park and Times Square.

But they soon realized that there was no medical equipment big enough to be used on a patient the size of a skyscraper. Special things had to be brought in or invented and all the women doctors were utilized because it is not possible for even a six foot four inch doctor to care for someone who can hold him in the palm of her hand.


Do We Need A Cure?


So a cure was slow in coming. People who weren’t affected were told to stay inside as much as possible or to be very careful when they did venture outside because of the many incidents of these giant women stepping on those they could not see. Women were told to be careful of their smaller, yet still fellow family members and countrymen.

Although it was difficult at first, everyone seemed to adjust for a while. Housing was the thing most needed, yet the hardest to come by. Over half the population of giant women died in the first year due to exposure because of lack of shelter.

That’s when the uprisings began. The women organized and basically the bigger person won the civil war. Things like houses and clothes were made en masse to accommodate the women. Men were rounded up and caught in nets that they put in huge purses to be carried back to giant encampments and kept as slaves or pets.

I saw my best friend put in a bell jar by his wife. My girlfriend told me as I lie on the tip of her finger that she was leaving me and going to live in a giantess colony. She said that there was nothing for us now because everything was so different. Then she put me down and shuffled away. I never saw her again.

Doctors of all sizes worked frantically for a cure. What would happen, they theorized, if this continued? America would be deserted after one generation because no reproduction could occur.



Giantesses Everywhere


We found out soon enough that the virus was also airborne and had traveled to the far corners of the world. Everywhere on the planet, women had become giantesses. Because of the bad treatment of the small people, they rose up and tried to capture the women with disastrous results.

The women were tied up like Gulliver, but not tightly enough. Soon they were loose and running through the streets and taking their revenge. No one has tried another such uprising in the years since.

I had done my best to not be captured by the women. I had gone unnoticed by them for so long, I no longer feared them. Then one bright summer day, the net came down on me and my life was no longer my own. The woman who I now “belonged” to was kinder than most. She told me that she mostly wanted a “Tiny Tim” as we were all called for companionship.

She said that she missed being with a man and didn’t know what else to do. The worst thing she makes me do is run around in this huge maze that she has set up on her enormous coffee table. Once a week, she calls all her friends to come over and they all eat and watch me run through the maze. They throw large crumbs of the best food on my head, knowing that they are too big for me to eat.


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