The City of Giants


I’m living in the city of Giants. Life in this city hasn’t been the same since the day the Giants arrived. It was just the two of them, a man and a woman. I don’t know where they came from, or how they got that big. A lady on the floor below mine said the man was a scientist, working on some top-secret miniaturization project.

Miniature? Yeah right. They were anything BUT that! She was enamored with him. Talked dreamily about his tan skin, the way his arm muscles rippled that way, his taut abdomen and dark eyes. She went on and on about the way the wind tossed his curly hair like that, up there in the sky.

And Her? Yeah, she was “easy on the eyes” as people would say. Red headed, green-eyed and mischievous looking. Nice hips. A tank top showed off her perky chest, and her giant-sized jeans hung low. She had a kind of playful hunger look in her eyes, like she had this insatiable appetite for…for…well, fucking. I’m coming to that part.


The City of Giants Makes the News


They were on every news station. Their pictures were on every talk show. They hadn’t given any interviews yet. It’s like we didn’t really exist to them, or didn’t really matter. Somebody on TV said that they knew them. They were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Just a normal, every day couple living down the street. Somebody else said he thought the guy was crazy. He would see him regularly in a bar. Said that he’d drink then he would brag in the bar about how he shrunk people. Kept them in cages, or fish bowls. Some the size of dolls. Some the size of ants. I guess he figured out how to reverse the process. Even more people said they saw how it began.

One person described it like this: she was out on the sidewalk, taking the dog for a walk, when a shadow passed over her. She turned and looked…and out of nowhere, there They were. The giant man and woman. Not so big as they are now. They stood maybe five, six times the size of the surrounding houses. They looked surprised to find themselves like this.

The interviewee said they acted giddy, almost drunk-like. Laughing and stomping around, cracking pavement, causing quite a commotion. The Woman picked up a car with one hand and examined the little people inside.

The man cruelly lifted his foot, examined the shadow it made, then slowly and deliberately stepped on a house, lowering his foot through it, crushing it, lumber snapping and beams breaking like they were twigs. The interviewee was terrified, too terrified to run. Even when the dog she was walking had long slipped her grasp and ran, whimpering and trailing its leash, she just stood there, not believing her own eyes.


The City of Giants: Giantesses Grow Even Bigger


That’s when she said the giant woman slipped her hands around the man’s waist and whispered something in his ear. He pulled a device, like a camera, from his pocket and held it out like he was taking a picture. She held the giant man close, excited. He pressed a button and caused a flash. But it was no camera.

The two of them grew again. The giant woman laughed and squealed the whole time, pointing down at the ground. She took step after step, chasing the tiny crowd with her giant pumps, watching them flee in terror as she towered over them, higher and higher.

That’s when I first saw them. From my high-rise apartment I was flipping through channels. Then I saw live news footage. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I ran to the window and looked out. Sure enough in the distance, I could see them, towering like tall buildings over the surrounding neighborhood. That’s when they put on…well…a display in the City of Giants that I would never forget.



No Escaping The Giant Sex


They slowly began to disrobe each other. She wrapped her towering body around his, kissing, rubbing her hips on his thigh. Clothing littered the streets and buildings, covering them like giant tents. A shoe landed on a bus, crushing it. A bra dangled from an office building. They kissed and kissed, laughing, ignoring what (or who) they stepped on as their bodies intertwined.

They fucked. Slowly and deliberately, as if showing off to the entire world. She clutched a building tightly, bent over, standing on tip toes, nearly twisting it from its foundation Her cries filled the sky over the city as his god-like shaft dove into her, repeatedly, again and again. He stood behind her, thrusting into her, grasping her hips, his voice echoing and booming. The ground shook with each spasm.

My whole building rocked and swayed. It was like the apocalypse. It seemed like forever until she came. And him. It was an earthquake of ecstasy. They didn’t stop there. Night after night, day after day, they fucked in front of us, for the whole world to see. We were insignificant to them. Sometimes they’d take each other, right in the middle of downtown. Sometimes they’d leave for the surrounding forest and hills. You could hear them, echoing in the distance.

Some people tried to leave the city. When the giants saw that, saw the lines of cars, it only made them mad. He would put his foot down, blocking traffic. She would lean her giant rub lips close, pucker, and blow. Cars piled up on the highway, blown like a hurricane. The message was clear. We were not to leave.


She Found Me


One night, as I sat there, watching television, trying to find something – anything – that wasn’t about The Giant people, I felt something. A prickling on the back of my neck. I turned slowly and looked out the window. In the darkness, I could just barely make out an Eye. It hovered there, many, many floors above the ground.

It was emerald green, and it filled the window. The long lashes closed and fluttered, forming a slight breeze. I stood, motionless, like a statue. She must have been on her knees. She began to stand. I saw lips pass by, then pale skin. The curve and swell of an immense breast beneath a white tank top filled the window briefly.

I was safe! She was leaving. I had been observed, nothing more. The window exploded inward. Ruby red nails a Finger and Thumb rushed inwards. I backed up but there was nowhere to go. They came towards me and surrounded me on either side, then slowly began to close in a pinch.

I held my breath. I thought they were ignoring us…for the most part? What new game was this?? I guess I was about to find out what else the City of Giants has in store for me.

I’m living in the city of Giants. Life in this city hasn’t been the same since the day the Giants arrived.


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