The Giantess Dance


Let me tell about the day of the Giantess dance…

I felt the ground tremble slightly. I looked at my cup of coffee. Ripples formed at the top of the dark liquid. An earthquake? A tremor? A Steven Spielberg special effect?

There it was again. Louder this time. And it felt closer. I stood from the office desk, opened the venetian blinds and peered out the window. The city lay below from my vantage point far up in this office, sprawled out forever in all directions.

I tried looking down the streets to the left and right. Everything appeared normal. The sun glinted off the windows of the shiny skyscraper on the other side of the downtown park. Peaceful. Quiet. BOOOOOMMMMM.

The sun stopped reflecting off the shining building across the park for a moment as if a great cloud passed in front of it. BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM. Books tumbled off a shelf. My computer monitor hopped and skipped across the desk on its own.


Giantess Dance: Shock At First Sight


I studied the reflection in the windows of the other building. It was one of those tall skyscrapers that appeared to be made all of mirrors. A shape formed. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

From nearly the top floor observation deck down to the very bottom window, the reflected shape in the mirror-like skyscraper appeared to be a woman. She was immense! Long tan legs that reached from the ground to the sky filled a pair of pink high heels.

A floral print skirt hugged her shapely hips and fluttered and shook like a sail in the breeze. A pink sweater clung tightly to her body, showing off just a hint of perky cleavage. Long auburn hair fell neatly around her shoulders and bounced off her chest.

She pursed her lips in a fashion-show kiss that she seemed to blow to the whole city as she walked. She strutted, hands on hips, making her way along the wide downtown street, one foot directly in front of the other, not caring what (or who) she stepped on along the way. BOOOOOMMMMM! BOOOOOOMMMMM! BOOOOOMMMMMMM!


Everyone inside our office (and I imagine the entire building, and probably many many more buildings all along downtown) pressed their noses to the glass in wonder and amazement. The nearly skyscraper tall giantess admired herself in the reflective skyscraper that I had been gazing at just moments before.

It made for a perfect mirror. It was as if she was seeing herself for the first time. She turned slowly, taking a handful of hair, piling it atop her head, showing off a mischievous look with her bright blue eyes for the world to see. She bent at the waist, one hand on each thigh, slowly lowering her head to the ground, letting her long flowing hair spread out over a sea of cars that had stopped to gawk at the spectacle.

Then, as quickly as a building-tall woman can, she snapped straight, her hair flying into the sky and backwards, slowly settling back into place. She then crouched, casually, giving the cars below a long savory look at her shapely thighs peeking from the depths of her skirt. Deliberately and dramatically she rose up, running the curves of her perfect ass along the silver gleam of the building behind her.


Skyscraper Strip Tease


Somebody inside our office found the words to speak. “Is she…pole dancing…with that building?” It looked that way to me. The giant beauty continued to dance. She rubbed her pelvis against the bright windows.

The people inside caught glimpses of her lacy, window-filling panties as she lustily squeezed the glimmering structure with her immense powerful legs. She bounced, shifting weight from one foot to another, moving her body in a colossal rhythm and swaying to a beat inside her head that only she could hear.

She laughed as she teased the tiny people inside. She pressed a perfect, sweater-hugging breast against the glass. The panes groaned and cracked as she stood slowly, lowered herself, and stood back up, flattening her curves against the building, covering several floors at once with her giant breast. Her nipple was erect and visible through the pink cloth, pressing hard against the delicate surface, threatening to crack it.

She backed away for a moment, then reached down. Like it was a long thin boa, she picked up an elevated train, dozens of cars connected tightly and dangling from her hand. I could see faces inside, the look of horror as they pressed against the windows. She began to twirl it.

Around and around in immense arcs. Her whole body shimmied and shook. One foot than another, she chose her way deliberately around downtown. She didn’t care about where each foot fell, only that she formed the perfect pattern, swinging the train like a toy, showing off and teasing in a flawless rhythm.

I could see an idea form on her face. She smiled, a wicked smile. She let the train fly. It crashed horrifically to the ground. She didn’t seem to notice.


So Big So Sexy


She approached the building I was in. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger, until just one filled the window. The long eyelashes fluttered. She kissed the building. An immense smear of lipstick spread over the windows. She opened her mouth and spoke the only words I remember her saying. “I’ll be back,” she said.

Her voice boomed and echoed, shaking the entire structure. “I need to go get a friend!” As quickly as she arrived, she receded. Downtown grew eerily quiet. Where she had walked, wreckage of trains and cars and buildings littered the street. Inside the office we all stared in disbelief, as if we had all just participated in a mass delusion.

“A friend?” someone managed to say. “A giantess dance partner, I think,” I suggested. An ominous silence filled the air.