Tiny Men, Giant Women

by Ms. Ruby


The Skies of Zavthak


Here’s the story of tiny men, giant women… a planet Ruled by Giantess women? Here is what I discovered during my recent trip to Zavthak:

There are many features that make Zavthak a very different place to live. Despite being 100 times the size of Earth it has a much warmer climate. Having two suns will do that, you see.

During the day the skies are pastel purple framed by delicate wispy blue clouds. At night the sky becomes a velvet black backdrop to a trillion pin pricks of rainbow coloured light. Each one glowing and iridescent, like huge fire opals sparkling billions of lightyears away.

The moon is known for its vivid red colour, and casts little to no light upon the ground. It is smaller than the moon seen on Earth and is often referred to as “the giant Ruby” by Zavthank inhabitants.


Big and Bountiful


Not only are the heavens vastly different from our own on Earth, but the flora and fauna vary greatly too. Trees are much bigger. Even the greatest Redwoods found on earth are 5 times smaller than the extremely common Keriburuo tree on Zavthak.

They even have flowers that dwarf a 6ft man sevenfold. Mountains, lakes and forests all exist but as you can imagine, are much larger than anything you would see on Earth. And the Inhabitants? Well, they are another matter entirely.

You see, Zavthak- the land of tiny men, giant women, promotes a female led society. You may think it was a decision made to ensure maximum peace and prosperity; women tend to be more nurturing and compassionate in general, so it would make sense. But no. The dynamic between men and women on Zavthak was purely organic and circumstantial.


Tiny Men, Giant Women


If you were to interact with the inhabitants, you would not notice much difference between yourself and a Zavthakian male for example. Their appearance is no different to human males on Earth. That said Zavthak is a planet of tiny men, giant women. An interaction with a Zavthakian woman however, would leave you speechless.

Typical Zavthankian females are between 150ft – 250ft tall. That’s about the same height as a mid sized skyscraper. They are so tall that men look like ants by comparison. So now, you can see why the social dynamic is dominated by the female species.



Tiny Men, Giant Women: Giantess Rules


So how does this society of tiny men, giant women operate exactly? Well, the females are doted on, morning, noon and night by their male subjects. The giant women of Zavthak are worshipped and adored by all men and the men absolutely love lavishing them in attention. There are no marriages or what we might call “conventional relationships” on Earth. Each female has hundreds of subjects that worship her and the men accept this as their reality. I was lucky enough to interview one man about his experiences on Zavthak and what a typical day would look like for him, he had this to say:

“It’s all I’ve ever known. The females here are incredibly beautiful and deserve to live in luxury whilst us men strive to fill their every need. There are only 50 women on our planet. They keep their numbers low as it serves them to have more male subjects to shower them in attention. Creating more males is possible due to the advanced cloning technology they utilise. To create a giantess is beyond my personal knowledge, only they know how it works. Personally I wish there were more of them. That is my only wish.

A typical day for me involves preparing breakfast for my Goddess and cleaning duties in the morning. Occasionally she may toy with some of us. She has a wicked sense of humour and has put a few of my fellow devotees in her mouth – as if she were going to swallow them!

I have never been that lucky myself, but I’m still hoping she might do that to me one day! Some of the guys have different jobs, for example – giving foot rubs. Again, I have never had that privilege, but I’m hoping to work my way up through the ranks and get the opportunity to touch her like that. I can only dream!”


Tiny Men, Giant Women- a Giantess Paradise


From the typical human view it may seem emasculating to be around women that are the size of literal skyscrapers. Serving them and tending to them would also add that additional layer of humiliation for most men on Earth. But it seems that those with a love for submitting to the rule of beautiful, dominant women would find Zavthak a wonderfully enriching experience. Not to mention incredibly arousing too!


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