Types of Growing Goddesses


Let’s take a look at the different types of growing Goddesses.

What kind of a woman would make a good growing Goddess? The kind of Goddess that enjoys being a Giantess, enjoys hearing her voice echo, and the ground tremble, and seeing crowds of people look up in awe?

It’s a fair question. Ultimate power – in the expression of ultimate size – isn’t for everybody. It’s not for the timid or meek. Larger than life living requires an above average quality of character.

There’s a few traits in common among women who enjoy the growth fantasy. Let’s see if you can spot some of these in the Goddesses-to-be around you.


Growing Goddess Obsessed with Power


This is probably the easiest type of giantess to spot. I mean, what woman who enjoys power, or enjoys control over others, wouldn’t want to have that power and control magnified so many times over? These kinds of women are usually outstanding in some way, or several ways.

They’re either already tall to begin with, or unusually busty, or curvaceous. They enjoy that men notice them, as well as that feeling of being larger than life. Or they have an unusual amount of beauty, or charm, or sexiness, and want to have that feeling of adoration multiplied over and over again, intensified dozens of times.

These giant goddess of power are dangerous, lovely creatures indeed. Your whole life may be spent in the sacrifice of feeding that power lust. Expect to be huddled together with the masses, coming up with a plan to beg for your life.


The Slow Grower


Slow growing giantesses are mind game players and teasing mistresses who enjoy the shock value that comes with their increased height. They like to make a subtle change in their altitude and see if you notice.

Here’s a fun game: see if you can spot these common ploys: “These new heels make me look taller, don’t they?” Or, “Hey look! I can reach that top shelf. Funny, I couldn’t before.” Once the shock value of their new height wears off, they need a new fix.

A little *more* growing. A new height, and new advantages in power. “Hey look! I’m as tall as a tree!” “Aww, I got a car stuck on my shoe again.”

How tall will your typical slow-grower get? It’s hard to say. Give them enough time and slow-growers may just keep on growing. They enjoy watching you and all your surroundings shrink slowly, a bit at a time, slipping away into insignificance.



Growing Goddesses Out for Revenge


In stark contrast with the sensual giantess, a growing revenge Mistress isn’t going to play nice with a tiny city, or worry if she breaks a building or two. Revenge mistresses LOVE their new size, their new power, and can’t wait to use it for a little payback!

All women, even dominant women, have an ex-boyfriend or (girlfriend) in their past, and what a perfect way to confront them, towering over them like a skyscraper. Or maybe they’re going to have a boss in their past that thwarted their career, or got in their way, or belittled them?

Well who’s the little one now?! Revenge mistresses are often hard on their surroundings – stepping on cars, prying off roofs, breaking glass and windows. Something stopped them from getting what they wanted when they were tiny; now nothing will ever get in their way again.


The Pleasure of Pain


Like the revenge mistress, a growing Goddess pain mistress isn’t going to care much about your tiny feelings. Quite the contrary, a giant pain mistress is going to quite ENJOY your new tiny predicament.

A Giantess de Sade may at first be frustrated by her new size, and how tiny all her torture devices have now become. Devoid of whips, chains and restraints, they may be forced to improvise: be prepared to be tied to the tops of telephone poles wrapped head-to-toe , completely immobilized in copper wire.

Beware as she looks for new paddles and floggers… branches and street signs may be sheared off and taken to task on you. And let’s not forget sharp, pokey objects like steel rods torn from fences. You may be facing one of these in your future, with a curious mistress wondering just how much giant pain you can take.


Sensual Toy Players


Some growing Goddesses are into growing because of that missed childhood memory of playing with toys and collecting dolls. As they grow taller, the whole world becomes one giant toybox filled with dolls and dollhouses as far as their giant eye can see.

They will want to explore their new toy world. The sense of touch will be very important to them: touching the fragile edges of buildings, running their fingertips along the glass walls of their favorite little store. Don’t forget: you may become one of their favorite toys.

They’re going to want to tease and touch you as well, and test to see how your new tiny form feels against their giant touch and skin. Don’t bore the sensual toy playing mistress: find new ways to please your Mistress, and give her new sensations to explore.

How does your tiny hand feel brushed against the curve of her breast, or over the rough bumps of her nipple? – As you may have guessed, I saved this one for last because this She, of all types of growing Goddesses, is my personal favorite!