Why I Love It When My Mistress Grows into a Giantess


I love it when my Mistress grows into a Giantess! Growing mistresses are THE BEST!

Just when you think your day is going along slowly, not much to do, nothing on TV, nowhere to go, a lovely sexy voice whispers in your ear, “I’ve got a secret.” There’s of course awhile of teasing, and torturing, and begging, but eventually you find a way to use your meager charms to get her to share her secret with you.

“I can make myself bigger,” she says with a wink and a smile. Now this you have to see! We’re not talking just a bit of over-indulging, I should eat some more salads kind of getting bigger. We’re talking whole body transformation bigger. Bumping heads on ceilings, towering over trees, looming over buildings, THAT kind of bigger.


She Loves to Grow!


The first thing I enjoy is the look in her eyes. It takes a lot of effort to buy that special dominant woman a gift she’ll truly appreciate. Most of the time she’ll shrug, but every once in awhile you find just that right trinket – a jewel, or special book, or ring – that lights her face up, and it is heaven. Growing is like scoring a perfect gift every time! Her whole face lights up and transforms. As she starts to grow taller and taller, the look on her face, her spreading smile, her echoing laughter – well it’s just priceless. Nothing that you can ever purchase off a wishlist can compete with that.



She Can Have Anything (or anyone) She Wants


Which brings me to my second favorite thing I enjoy about growing mistresses: no pressing concern about buying them gifts. A woman who can peek into the top floors of office buildings or facture the pavement with her footfalls can pretty much choose and take anything she wants.

She’s got an eye on a special car? She can just take it. She wants to watch a movie? She can just pull the roof off an IMAX and have them play whatever she wants. She’s a big Stephen King fan? Well she can pretty much just pluck Mr. King from his tiny little home and have him write her pretty much any custom story she chooses.


When She Grows into a Giantess, She Might Save You If You Get In Trouble


This reminds me of the third reason why I enjoy when a Mistress grows into a Giantess. When you’re friends with a Giantess, at some point you’re probably going to get into a little trouble.

Whether you’re caught stealing 55 gallon drums of her favorite wine, or whisking away Her favorite celebrity (often against his or her will) for a visit with the Goddess, eventually some official is going to get their tiny nose out of joint and try to detain you, maybe even put you in a locked room where you can’t escape.

Now while it’s true that your giant Mistress is going to have an entire world full of worshippers, when one disappears, she’s going to get curious. Eventually she’s going to want to dish out some punishment for not being around (whether it’s your fault or not) and a Giantess on a mission to find you is truly a force of nature.

If you find yourself in legal hot water, just give it a little time. Sooner or later, the walls will start to tremble, the floor will buckle, the roof will peel off, and you’ll be staring up into those giant pretty eyes that you’ve come to know and love.

Now you’ll be in a lot of trouble at this point, but at least you’ll be free again. So to sum up cool reason #3 why it’s fun to have a Giantess as your mistress: no need to ever hire a lawyer.


Her Gorgeous Body is Soooooo Large When She Grows into a Giantess


The next thing I enjoy about having a Giant Mistress: SOOOO much lovely body to explore! I mean, if you’re lucky enough to avoid being crushed by footfalls, or accidentally sat on, or accidentally swallowed alive, you MAY just be lucky enough to explore a giant, sexy body.

Giant Mistresses often need a good giggle and watching you try and scale the mountain of Her breast is just the kind of amusement they can be in the mood for. Some may even secretly enjoy having your tiny body touch their giant flesh, but you may never know it.

Get used to a bit of bossing around (that’s usually fun for them too) as they instruct you just where to stand, where to touch, where to kiss, and where and how to explore.


A Growing Giantess Will Try (and Make You Try) Anything


Finally, one of my favorite reasons why I love growing Mistresses: I love a woman who wants to try new things, or be the first to try something new. Here’s both an intriguing and terrifying thing to hear echoing off your Mistress’ giant lips: “Imagine an orgasm that truly rocks my world…” I

f you survive, then you have probably just been a part of an experience that no other man alive has ever even tried.