Why the Giantess Fetish is the Best


Why the Giantess Fetish is the Best


I have a Giantess Fetish. Some men are nervous about announcing just what their secret fetish is, but not me. I have learned that being nervous and not telling anyone just makes me miserable. I don’t want to be miserable any more than anyone else.

So, I have learned to announce it loud and proud, that a Giantess fetish is what excites me and thanks to the internet I know I’m not alone. I want to tell you about my fetish and why it’s so exciting for me, because even others who think they might be interested in this fetish don’t always really understand it.

Of course, everyone is different and we all have needs and desires for different reasons, but I want you to know what the Giantess Fetish means to me and why I think there is something in it for everyone. It seems crazy to hear that I know, but it’s true and even some Mistresses I have met don’t totally embrace my fetish, but I’m sure after reading what I have to tell you, you will understand better and maybe even see some parts of yourself and your own desires in it.

Don’t believe that’s possible? Well read on because it’s not all about being stepped on or some swallowing vore, oh no, the giantess fetish is more than that and when we fetishists find the perfect Giantess, it is almost impossible for her to not end up on a pedestal…she is already above us after all.


How I Fell In Love with a Giantess


It was many years ago that I first laid eyes on a Giantess. My grandparent’s house was one of those big old Victorians, they used to run a bed and breakfast and had a part of the house shut off . That was my favorite part to explore. I’d get the key to what looked like a stairway door and open it up into what seemed to me a whole other world.

The bottom floor had a porch I could go out on and a large room, with a smaller one off of it. It looked like something from a hotel, but I guess that’s because it kind of was. My favorite part was up the big winding stairs though. There was a patio off that large room too and a small one with bunk beds. Under the bunk beds I found a pile of comic books.

They were horror comics, with zombies and vampires and one all about a Giantess. She was gorgeous. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and probably the reason I’m still partial to red heads.

It was all about her control over one man and how because of her disappointment in him, she took an experimental formula and started to grow. Her clothes tore but still fit, ala the movie of a 50 foot Woman, and she proceeded to take over the world.

She towered above everyone and everything, crushing buildings and cars in her goal of finding this man and making him her own personal play thing. This is the theme that plays out in my desires.



Why You Can Relate to the Giantess Fetish


The giantess fetish is about her growing or you shrinking, of course it is, but that is the fantastical side. The other side of it is about control and being that important to someone who could easily just destroy you. In my relationships I have always sought out a controlling woman, a woman with a personality dominant to mine, a Mistress if you will.

The excitement of finding her and having her so powerful yet still attracted to and wanting me, was the same feeling I imagined from the comic book I first read. That man was important, even if she was pissed off at him, he was important enough for her to grow so large and destroy everything just to get back at him.

Once I figured out that the basis of this giantess fetish was control and now really about being a bug sized man to a beautiful woman, I stopped seeing myself as having an unusual fetish. Now, I just know that mine is exactly like everyone else, I just happen to have a bigger imagination.

For all of you who love science fiction or even role play, that is what the Giantess fetish is for me. It’s a role play with a woman who alters herself or me and our reality because of something I did. Making me important to a woman who is completely in control and that excites me more than I can say.

See, it’s not so different, is it?


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