Why You Love Being a Tiny Man for Your Giantess

by Giantess Erika


Hello macrophiles (lovers of large) today we talk about all the yummy reasons why you love to be a tiny man at the mercy of a beautiful Giantess!

I’ve spoken to many who love being a tiny man for their giantess and there are some fun and interesting reasons why they love to be a tiny man. We will talk about that in a bit, but first, those who may have stumbled unexpectedly upon this essay a bit of background is in order.


What Is Macrophillia


Macrophillia, means lovers of large. If you are a macrophile you are sexually aroused at the thought of being vulnerable, to a Giant woman. The Giant Woman could be a 50 foot giantess as depicted in some movies. Almost always this Giantess came to her enormous size through some cruel twist of fate and she’s out for revenge!

But also popular with Giantess Phone Sex sessions the Woman remains typical size and the man, through a similar twist of fate, find themselves shrunk down! Anywhere from a foot or two high, all the way down to the size of a speck of dust, able to rest in one of my pores.


Why I Love Being A Tiny Man


A preponderance of elements in the Giantess fantasy is the tiny man is submissive and vulnerable. When you are a tiny man you certainly can’t be in charge, right? One of the attractions of imagining yourself so small is you are relieved of those pressures! Giving up control is a key factor in Femdom/BDsm play. Where one submits to the will and power of another.

Where else do we use those elements of submission and vulnerability? In Femdom/ BDsm erotic play! So , is being a macrophile or loving to be a tiny man BDsm? Not necessarily, there can be some BDsm play but often there isn’t. However, your submission to the greater power is the common thread. Your vulnerability is more than evident.


Being A Tiny Man Shows Me A Whole New World


Well, better said it gives your world a whole new perspective. Being a couple of inches high you’ll be up close and personal to many “everyday things”. You will certainly notice many small nuances that you wouldn’t if you were regular size.

It’s also fun for me to help you imagine what you would see, hear or feel! As I mentioned previously some want to be so small, so insignificant, they can fit in one of the pores in my skin! Others enjoy being a bit bigger, perhaps a half inch and tossed around my pretty mouth, covered in my saliva. Imagine how big and intimidating my molars would be!


Another Reason Why You Love To Be A Tiny Man


There are probably as many reasons you love to be a tiny man as there are stars in the sky, but one more very common reason is nurturing. The feeling of being helpless and vulnerable is paramount in these scenes. Stripped of your social mask and requirements of being a “strong man” you are now given permission to enjoy, need and crave that nurturing that can come with some of these fantasies.

How, as your Giant Woman, I would care for you. Would you sleep in a model house in the corner of my bedroom? Perhaps sleeping securely in hanging in a decorative cage? Regardless, it’s a place that will keep you safe from the things that crawl around in the night. Personally I would love to keep you in my panty drawer, or perhaps among my other feminine things, in my nightstand, next to my bed!

The sensual nature of nurturing you , from bathing to making sure you grab a few crumbs from my plate to fill your tiny man belly. To what clothes would you wear? Certainly that’s not your decision any more.

Where would she keep you during the day? Snuggled between her gigantic breasts or hanging out sitting on her stapler on her desk while she worked. So many things to explore when you play with a Giantess and a tiny man.


You Love Being A Tiny Man Because of Terror


Fear, humiliation , sex all get our sexy juices flowing. Many love the exhilaration of being terrified! Add the evil Giantess out to get you will certainly be terrifying! Image the thunderous steps of the Giantess as she chases you around the house. Who are you! Where did you come from?

You leap just in time and sliding on your belly under the bed. Her large foot slams down shaking the ground as it does. You scream “Please Ms Please, I don’t know how I got here! I was walking in the woods, in my little town of Weeford, when I fell down a hole! Next thing I know I’m waking up here! Please! Don’t Hurt Me! I didn’t mean to invade your privacy!”


Escape Stress Relief


Another reason why you love being a tiny man is it is an escape! Just like the high powered executive that finds it relaxing and erotic to come home and dress as a different gender your minds exploration of that tiny world is also an escape!

You have to give it to our large creative brains, to be able to explore a world that doesn’t necessarily exist! What do I mean by “necessarily”? Let’s take a look.


Real Life Tiny Man And His Giantess


So for the most part the Giantess and tiny man fantasy is just that, fantasy. For the majority of tiny man fantasies there is no real life equivalent. It’s impossible to make you a few inches tall, it’s impossible for me to grow to towering heights.

But within the microphile world, the lovers of large, there is one real life equivalent. Petite males and Amazonian women is a size difference some are attracted to! Imagine , if you will , that you are a petite male perhaps around five feet tall and all of 120 lbs soaking wet.

Think thoroughbred race horse jockey. Now Imagine a sexy tall Woman. Perhaps 5’10” or more. Combine that sexy feminine frame with 6″ heels and you quite the size differential!

In whatever size you are, from 5 foot to a speck of dust being at the mercy and command of a strong powerful woman is the attraction!


Giantess Phone Sex


Of course there are many more naughty ways to have fun with a growing Giantess or you shrinking down to about , well, 6″. Do you like unique fantasies? I would encourage you to give the Giantess Fantasy a try!

Or if you enjoy the Giantess fantasy have you ever role-played your fantasy with your Mistress? Your imagination can only go so far, let it be ignited with the energy and influence of your Giantess Femdom!

From live phone sex sessions to erotic audios, we love to indulge your tiny fantasy!