Giantess Stereotypes


I want to talk about some of the giantess stereotypes. I’m writing this at what I know is the risk of pissing off my beautiful Giantess. But she heard me talking about how everyone fits into some stereotype and then insisted that I make a list for her of the Giantess Stereotypes.

I’m certain this will end in her asking me the next obvious question of which one she is, but I’m praying that doesn’t happen. I’m praying that I will make this fun little list, she will laugh and that will be it. Or maybe since I made the list the others will have to pick which one they think she is and I’ll be off the hook.

She just took my page, read that and is now laughing. It’s the bad laugh. You know the one that doesn’t really mean she thinks something is funny in an honest and joyous way, but instead that she is going to punish me later and is coming up with ways to do it.

It’s the laugh that tells me I am dreaming if I really believe things are going to play out the way I was hoping. And that now, even if I might have escaped choosing before, she will make sure that I do and probably that I am the first one, so I can’t claim that I copied anyone.

That laugh also tells me she is watching and if I try to lie or choose only very flattering stereotypes, she will know and I will be in even more trouble. Basically, my beautiful Giantess is going to make sure that I at least get a taste of punishment.



Giantess Stereotype Number One: The Bored Giantess


This Giantess is very active, she likes to have something to do at all times. She is creative and will spend time doing many useful and brilliant things to make being a Giantess a better life for her. The problem is that she also will spend that time coming up with things to have the smaller ones do or try.

She loves change and will move her small pets from a comfortable doll house to an aquarium just so she can see what they are doing better. If that doesn’t entertain her, she might add water or find some other way to make the adventure more exciting.

She isn’t cruel really, but she does get bored easily and must be entertained at all costs. This requires someone who is able to think fast and be ready with ideas for her, so she doesn’t get bored and start coming up with them on her own.


Giantess Stereotype Number Two: The Bratty Giantess


That word makes me cringe as I know it’s not an especially flattering one, but I can’t think of another that more aptly describes this type of Giantess. She was a princess before she was Giant and expects to be treated as one now. When she is not, or when things aren’t happening fast enough to amuse her, she turns into a Bratty Giantess.

She needs to be amused at all times. Not because she is bored and certainly not because she couldn’t think of something to do, but because she is a Princess and it is my job or the job of whichever small man she chooses to keep her amused. When she is not entertained, that is when she gets bratty and starts playing new and not always nice games.

She puts you in the freezer to see if you do turn blue, starts testing things to see what you will fit into. Sometimes she even does those naughty things you think you will love, like making you a dildo, but which really end in you holding your breath a lot.


Giantess Stereotype Number Three: The Cruel Giantess


This Giantess stereotype is just mean. She has fun inflicting all kinds of torture on you. It isn’t all painful physically either. That would at least limit it somewhat. Oh no, she will also resort to using fear to entertain herself. Dangling from her red fingernail over boiling water is horrifying and when she starts to wiggle it and tells you to hold on, it’s even more so.

She rarely will drop anyone in, as all the screaming annoys her, but she will scare you to death. Then there is the dropping you and almost not catching you game or playing catch with you and another Giantess. This Mistress is very cruel.

There are other stereotypes, but I’m just going to stop there for now. I don’t want to get myself in trouble by talking about a not very smart or easy to manipulate Giantess. Oh no, here she comes. She’s going to check this and make me choose. What do you think is the safest choice for a tiny man who doesn’t want to be crushed just yet?

Did you enjoy reading about Giantess Stereotypes? Which one of the Giantess Stereotypes is your favorite?