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Giantess Stories and Erotica

Hello There Friends, Fans and Marginal Miscreants! Do you have a shrinking fetish??? Then this post – Shrunken Man in a Giantess World is where you need to be! Continue reading Shrunken Man in a Giantess World.

Well well well, a village of tiny men lays before me, The One and Only Giantess Goddess Alina Sky! Let the Giantess Invasion commance! Continue reading a Giantess Invasion.

Femdom Giantess Discipline combines two main areas in a perfect marriage of the ultimate fantasy kink and fetish play. Continue reading Femdom Giantess Discipline.

I know that some of my clients who LOVE giantess play, are sometimes extremely picky about the TYPE of Giantess they wish for me to be, not only my Giantess Size and their smaller or shrinking stature. Continue reading the Gentle Giantess and Her tiny man.

A planet Ruled by Giantess women? Here is what I discovered during my recent trip to Zavthak. Continue reading Tiny Men, Giant Women.

Hello macrophiles (lovers of large) today we talk about all the yummy reasons why you love to be a tiny man at the mercy of a beautiful Giantess! I’ve spoken to many who love being a tiny man for their giantess and there are some fun and interesting reasons why they love to be a tiny man. We will talk about that in a bit, but first, those who may have stumbled unexpectedly upon this essay a bit of background is in order. Continue reading Why You Love Being a Tiny Man for Your Giantess.

Welcome to Giantess Worship Guide where you learn the art of How to Please your Giantess! Continue reading How to Please Your Giantess.

Giantess Vorarephilia Play – What is this kink exactly? Let’s explore the fascinating and oh-so-tasty Giantess Vorarephilia Play as it applies to giantess lovers, or just as a stand alone super fun fetish. Continue reading Giantess Vore.

You might be an experience Giantess Kink Player, or you might just be curious about it. So What is the Giantess Fetish exactly? Let’s dive into one of my favorite kink play, the fascinating world of Giantess Hot Erotic Play! Continue reading, What is the Giantess Fetish?

It was a bad day to be a tiny man on Giantess Island. Giantess Gretchen had imbibed too much fermented pineapple coconut smoothie at the volcano BBQ the night before and she was still groggy. The sun was too bright and she staggered around on her huge unsteady feet, knocking over trees as she lurched through the jungle toward the beach. Enormous breasts bouncing, she finally stumbled onto the sand and collapsed, making the ground shake all around her. Read more of A Giantess Story!

The Giantess fetish starts out pretty basic. Big woman, tiny man. But no woman wants to be called “big” without it being more specific and in the Giantess fetish big means VERY big! Once that is established though, a choice has to be made by the fetishist. Either the Mistress grows or the man shrinks. How it happens varies from person to person, everyone has a special something they love. How big and how small are also completely up to the individual, these are all details of the fetish that are very important. But the place where the Giantess lovers separate is the initial choice. Being shrunken or watching her grow…How to choose? As a Giantess I can tell you that both are fun, but growing…Well that holds a special place in my heart. Why? I’ll give you Five Reasons why Growing is better than Shrinking You! Still not convinced? Here are 7 More Reasons why Growing is better than Shrinking!

Growing mistresses are THE BEST. Just when you think your day is going along slowly, not much to do, nothing on TV, nowhere to go, a lovely sexy voice whispers in your ear, “I’ve got a secret.” There’s of course awhile of teasing, and torturing, and begging, but eventually you find a way to use your meager charms to get her to share her secret with you. “I can make myself bigger,” she says with a wink and a smile. Now this you have to see! We’re not talking just a bit of over-indulging, I should eat some more salads kind of getting bigger. We’re talking whole body transformation bigger. Bumping heads on ceilings, towering over trees, looming over buildings, THAT kind of bigger. Read more about Why I Love My Mistress to Grow.

Interviewing a Giantess is scary stuff. First, you have to be careful not to get physically blown away. When She speaks She often doesn’t know her own strength and that warm moist gust of wind can be enough to knock you from your perch. If you’re standing in her hand…well, you’re in for a bad day. Secondly, you can’t ask any questions that might make her angry. That’s a quick way to do damage to landscapes, buildings, automobiles, and possibly even you. With that in mind, I had an opportunity to interview a woman of fantastic proportions (who wished to remain anonymous, so I’m just going to refer to her as “Giantess C”) and try to thoroughly answer one very important question: Why do you like to grow?.

I was eighteen when the experiment went wrong. The US government was test a drug that would make the soldiers fighting on the frontlines giant for a certain amount of time. It was in the animal testing phase when an explosion at the primary laboratory caused the drug to be introduced into the country’s water supply. It was said that the drug became a virus in the female body and dormant in the male body. The virus did not kill its host. No, this is what is considered a “smart” disease. It only affects the female DNA that controls growth. Continue reading Taking Over the World.

I have a Giantess Fetish. Some men are nervous about announcing just what their secret fetish is, but not me. I have learned that being nervous and not telling anyone just makes me miserable. I think the Giantess Fetish is the Best and I want to tell you why. Continue reading Why the Giantess Fetish is the Best.

Life in this city hasn’t been the same since the day the Giants arrived. It was just the two of them, a man and a woman. I don’t know where they came from, or how they got that big. A lady on the floor below mine said the man was a scientist, working on some top-secret miniaturization project. Miniature? Yeah right. They were anything BUT that! She was enamored with him. Talked dreamily about his tan skin, the way his arm muscles rippled that way, his taut abdomen and dark eyes. She went on and on about the way the wind tossed his curly hair like that, up there in the sky. And Her? Yeah, she was “easy on the eyes” as people would say. Read more about the City of the Giants.

I ran to the glass to see if she was OK. I think she fainted. She was sitting on the floor with her legs in front of her. “Are you all right?” Silence. Then I saw it. Her head began to raise as she sat against the glass. Her legs creeped out farther and farther from her body. She just seemed to lift and rise and expand… “What have you done?” I heard her cry through the intercom. I watched, dumbfounded, as she continued to rise up. Higher and higher, expanding, swelling….GROWING. Her head loomed higher and higher above me. I could see the curve of her skirt around her hips as she sat there, watching through the glass, growing outward, upward, ever higher and higher. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” I heard her again, through the glass, booming this time, as I craned my neck upwards to see all of her. What happens next? Read Please Don’t Grow Mistress to find out!

“Hey, girls,” her voice boomed in my ears as she yelled. I found another little guy on this coconut. What should I do with him?” I looked down and realized that she was right. I was standing on a coconut, a huge ass fucking coconut. Was I dreaming? The eyes looked back at me. “Hey there, little guy,” she said. “You lost?” her voice was still loud, but wasn’t booming anymore. Continue reading A Tale of an Island.

A few years ago, I went on vacation to a place far away. The first time I heard about this place was when a friend of mine told me about a secluded island that very few people even knew about. Continue reading My First Trip to the Island.

“No,” she said quietly, her voice crackling in my ear. “Can’t you see this? Right here?” I gave the camera a minute adjustment and zoomed it in closer. “Not really,” I said. “Grass in the way.” Thank goodness I was recording this and it wasn’t live,”The fuck,” she said. That would have been one major FCC fine. “…feels…wonderful…” she repeated. “I think…I mean…look at me…I’m growing,” she paused. “I touched…whatever it was…and the light got brighter…are you getting this? I’m GROWING!” I zoomed the image back a bit more, lost focus, started to adjust it quickly. Read Caught on Film; a Giantess Story.

I studied the reflection in the windows of the other building. It was one of those tall skyscrapers that appeared to be made all of mirrors. A shape formed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. From nearly the top floor observation deck down to the very bottom window, the reflected shape in the mirror-like skyscraper appeared to be a woman. She was immense! Long tan legs that reached from the ground to the sky filled a pair of pink high heels. A floral print skirt hugged her shapely hips and fluttered and shook like a sail in the breeze. A pink sweater clung tightly to her body, showing off just a hint of perky cleavage. Long auburn hair fell neatly around her shoulders and bounced off her chest. She pursed her lips in a fashion-show kiss that she seemed to blow to the whole city as she walked. She strutted, hands on hips, making her way along the wide downtown street, one foot directly in front of the other, not caring what (or who) she stepped on along the way. BOOOOOMMMMM! BOOOOOOMMMMM! BOOOOOMMMMMMM! Read more about the Giantess Dance.

If you’ve read a book or been to a movie in the past 20 years, then you are probably aware of one very sad fact: giantess fantasies aren’t very main stream. There just aren’t nearly enough giantesses in TV and movies as you’d like. As uncommon as giantess themed stories and shows seem to be, mistresses with giantess fantasies are even more rare and unique. Since giantess stories and imagery in our culture seem in short supply, it makes me wonder how they encountered this fetish – if they knew about it before becoming a giantess mistress, or did they become a giantess mistress because of their desire to grow bigger and stronger? I like to ask this question, “how did you become a giantess?” Read Origins of a Giantess to see my favorite responses.

What kind of a woman would make a good growing Goddess? The kind of Goddess that enjoys being a Giantess, enjoys hearing her voice echo, and the ground tremble, and seeing crowds of people look up in awe? It’s a fair question. Ultimate power – in the expression of ultimate size – isn’t for everybody. It’s not for the timid or meek. Larger than life living requires an above average quality of character. There’s a few traits in common among women who enjoy the growth fantasy. Read more about the Types of Growing Goddesses.

We had heard of it. Oh, of course we had. Any man who bothers to look around has heard of it. Any man who was excited by even the remake of the Fifty Foot Woman, a man who say Gulliver’s Travels and imagined how it would be the opposite way. You know, the other island. Giantess Island. But Where is Giantess Island?

“You look good enough to eat.” She said it softly and ran her tongue up the tiny body. He trembled a little, either out of excitement or fear, I wasn’t sure which as I looked on, knowing I was next. Her lips, so full and luscious made me think of juicy strawberries, sweet and cool in the summer. Continue reading Vore and the Giantess.

I’m writing this at what I know is the risk of pissing off my beautiful Giantess. But she heard me talking about how everyone fits into some stereotype and then insisted that I make a list for her of the Giantess Stereotypes. I’m certain this will end in her asking me the next obvious question of which one she is, but I’m praying that doesn’t happen. Continue reading Giantess Stereotypes.

It’s exciting to have you in the palm of our hand, literally. Growing while you watch, terrified, seeing your car flipped over with a light kick from us, your house crushed when we kneel down to grab you between our fingers and dangle you from miles in the air. This is a huge turn on for us too! Continue reading Fear and the Giantess Fetish.

One day she told me she wanted to take over the world. I laughed and then realized I was the only one chuckling and sat up straight, paying attention and knowing that this was probably not going to end well for me. Of course, her half naked body kept me from really being all that concerned about right and wrong and I listened intently to her plan. Read more about The Giantess Plan in Ruling the World.

Are you new to the giantess fetish and curious about giantess phone sex calls? If you think back to your earliest giantess fantasy, what did it entail? Continue reading How to Have the Best Giantess Phone Sex Call.